10 Most Viewed Comedy TV Shows Of All Time

We love binge-watching our favorite TV shows. Comedy TV shows have always been popular among the masses. Especially Sitcom, it always wins our hearts. Some of the most popular shows of all time has been sitcoms. Keeping their popularity in mind, we decided to make a list of most viewed comedy TV shows of all time.

Viewership data of some shows like I Love Lucy, Frasier, M.A.S.H and few other popular shows are not available, thus they are not in the list. Here is the list of 10 most viewed comedy TV shows of all time.

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Though the main character of this series Larry David has a good wife, a peaceful life, a successful career, he put himself in such hilarious moments that he couldn’t imagine. All over the circumstances and sitcom of this series made us laugh all the time.

9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

most viewed comedy TV shows of all time

The story is mainly focused on Jake. Jake is a detective of Brooklyn’s 99 precincts. Jake is a detective who acts on his own. He has a challenging partner Rosa who is a crush of his best friend Boyle. The main feature of this story is you can taste the comedy with so much crime thrilling.

8. Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope, the main character of this show wanted to grow her career and beatify her own town by helping and building a community for nurses. Her colleague Tom always helped her and her boss Ron opposed the government. The whole story is full of comedy by their rational behavior.

7. Modern family

most viewed comedy TV shows of all time

This show is a family that is being modern by the influence of their daughters and son. Claire and Phil with their three kids made a happy family. The homosexual relationship between Jay’s young son Mitchell and his partner Cameron and their adopted little baby girl with their culture, romance and tradition make their family happy. Throughout the series, you can feel comedy, drama, romance at maximum.

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