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10 Best Friendships On ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Ranked

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one such show which has a big star cast having contrasting characters. So we thought why don’t we analyze the best and the worst friendship among our favorite gang. So, here we have the 10 best friendships on IASIP.

10. Frank and Mac

Frank’s friendship with every character is different tone as he is way older than all the other gang members. And the most important part of the friendship between Frank and Mac is that though Frank is the father of two, yet Frank seems to act more like the father of Mac than his own children. And this is what makes the friendship of Frank and Mac super different yet adorable. There is a certain type of frankness between these two which is a must not only for every friendship but all relationships. The way they often advise and point out how ridiculous the other is being, are the instances that show their honesty for each other which is rare to find. This makes Frank and Mac our 10th best friendship on IASIP.

9. Frank and Dee

Now as we all know, initially Frank was Dee’s father but it was revealed that Frank is actually not the biological father of Dee. This twist in the plot brought about a lot of confusion among the audience. But this also brought a dynamic change in the relationship between Frank and Dee. Though Frank hardly treated Dee as an ideal father would, yet their friendship had some quirky moments that became the most iconic scenes of the show. How can we forget they posed as a couple just to get money? Though we can’t say anything about the father-daughter bond between the two and their friendship was a big hit.

8. Charlie and Dennis

The friendship between Charlie and Dennis is what we can be called a complicated one as it solely rests on the jealousy they have for Mac. As we know, both are very good friends of Mac. The problem is both of them don’t want the other to come closer to Mac. That makes their interaction and relationship very confusing and hard to express. Charlie mostly gets sidelined by Dennis’s dominant personality but they share a weird friendship that is fun to watch for sure.

7. Mac and Dee

Having a big star cast often leads to very few interactions between some characters which could give life to a great relationship. The same goes for Mac and Dee. Though separately both the characters have a lot of interactions with other characters, but Mac and Dee have only a handful of scenes where they interact one-on-one. But those are more than enough to determine that they share a really good bond in spite of the fact that they never got to explore their friendship. But the rare moments when these two characters interact make their friendship truly heart-warming to watch.

6. Dennis and Frank

Just like Dee, Frank never had a father-son bond with Dennis, and neither do they share a very good friendship after they found out that Frank was not the biological father of Dennis. But despite everything, the interactions between Dennis and Frank are hilariously funny. And slowly and gradually, they do show signs of the great friendship which might come from the fact that they were under the impression that they were father-son for a long time. And as I said earlier, Frank’s relationship with every gang member is different which surpasses the limitations of friendship and so does Dennis and Frank’s friendship. Their bond is one of the best friendships on IASIP.

5. Dee and Charlie

Dee and Charlie’s relationship came to light when they had a very brief sexual relationship. But both got over this little fling saving the extraordinary bonding we got to see between the two characters. The most important thing that makes their friendship really amazing to watch is the way they are really cool about the stuff that happened between them and how easily they get along with each other giving the perfect friendship goals to their audiences. This easy-going strong bond has got them on number five on our list of best friendships of IASIP.

4. Dennis and Dee

These two have known each other even before they were born. Dee and Dennis are the most adorable, most chaotic, and most troublemaking twins. Since they know each other very well they are often seen manipulating, blackmailing each other which makes it fun to watch. But despite all this, they do not have a normal sibling bond. As they are shown to be really toxic and bullying, they don’t spare each other as well. Being twins, they are quite similar to each other which is why they fight with each other most of the time but they also make up very soon. Undoubtedly, their interactions are one of the funniest instances to watch in the series. Get ready for the top3.

3. Mac and Dennis

Mac and Dennis’s friendship is one of the most amazing aspects of the show. They care for each other, they look out for each and maybe they are involved with each other romantically which the show makes clear gradually. Sometimes they act like a typical married couple which makes their relationship even funnier to watch. A big storyline of the show rests on their relationship which is big suspense for a long time. Interestingly, both the characters share a sense of intimacy from the very start of the show and as the show progressed, the friendship between Mac and Dennis was undoubtedly the most beautifully explored relationship ever.

2. Charlie and Mac

Charlie and Mac are the most troublesome characters of the show. Both of them are constantly followed by weird situations and they find a way to make them worse by their mishaps. The reason behind their friendship is this very trait of getting in trouble all the time. This, interestingly, brings a breath of fresh air into the show. Their scenes together are the most iconic and the most hilarious scenes of the show, always promising a burst of hearty laughter to their audiences. This is among the best friendships on IASIP.

1. Frank and Charlie

The number one i.e. the most amazing friendship bond is shared between Frank and Charlie. Both characters are funny in themselves and every time they come together they are sure to double the fun. But Frank and Charlie’s bond is not just about being hilarious together but it also surpasses all the levels of understanding and loyalty towards each other. Even after having an age difference of more than twenty-five years, their friendship seems as if they have known each other for ages. Frank’s decision to live with Charlie, even after being so rich is what makes us believe how much he values their friendship. And that’s why this is the number one friendship on IASIP.

So, this was our list of the best friendships on IASIP. Do let us know which friendship according to you is the best and why?

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