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15 Best Sitcoms Ever, According To Ranker

Sitcoms have always been a go-to comfort show for many. We love to watch these shows make us burst into laughter. Everybody has their own taste in comedy. But there are some shows that make us all laugh and in this article, we have the 15 best sitcoms ever, according to Ranker.

15. Married….with Children

Revolving around the life of Al Bundy, a shoe salesman, and his family, this show chronicles the daily happenings of this dysfunctional family. Starting in 1987, Married..with children is considered to be the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on Fox Network. And also, one of the longest-running Live-action sitcoms ever in television history.

14. Scrubs

One of the only few sitcoms to actually be set in a hospital, Scrubs chronicles the story of young interns in a hospital starting their journey as they try to climb up the ranks. The heartfelt conversations with the patients, the petty banter and the comedy are the reasons why the show gained popularity. Although known to be a comedy sitcom, it still has its heartbreaking moments. It did recently come under fire for being too “sexist and homophobic”, but fans of the show remain loyal to it.

13. Modern Family

Modern Family, the ‘modern’ take on a typical family sitcom is yet another stunner that captured the hearts of audiences.
The documentary-style show captivates us by giving a taste of connectedness by depicting real life, day to day family problems in the modern era with undeniable fun chemistry between all the different families.

The most noteworthy aspect of the show is the healthy portrayal of LGBTQ couples which sets it apart from most family sitcoms. Modern Family has stayed for over eleven seasons and made a place for itself by how it successfully ended.

12. Parks and Recreation

Taking inspiration from The Office, Park and Recreation too is a satirical Mockumentary styled sitcom. The eccentric mix of cast helmed by Amy Poehler (playing Leslie Knope ) has a way to carve its special niche. With equally strong writing and the most fully developed sitcom town, this side of Springfield, Parks & Rec was the ideal sitcom during its six-year run.

11. Cheers

Cheers is considered to be one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. It has an ensemble cast and spans across 11 seasons and two decades. The series is set in a bar named “Cheers” in Boston, Massachusetts. And revolves around the lives of the owner of the bar, the waiters and a host of customers as they meet to drink, relax and mingle together. The spin-off of the show named Frasier was just as successful if not more.

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