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Friends Trivia: The Ultimate Rachel Green Quiz

FRIENDS is a show that both Gen Z and Millennials enjoy. And why wouldn’t they? With funny, light-hearted banter and friends who are like family, FRIENDS is the perfect comfort show. In this one, we will quiz you on a character that has become an absolute fan favorite. We are talking about Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Anniston. But before we begin the ultimate Rachel Green quiz, let us look into the details of the character.

Known as the fashionista and the airhead in the group, Rachel is the one to have the most prominent character arc. From being a spoiled- rich city girl to an ambitious successful woman, Rachel won our hearts. We are introduced to Rachel in quite a peculiar way. I mean, it’s not every day that you find a bride running away from her wedding to a coffee shop. But there she was. Who knew that running away from a married future would lead her to a life filled with best friends and a soul mate? 

As the series progressed, we saw Rachel shine in so many ways. But the one thing that stood out the most from the beginning was her determination to prove herself. Just like Rachel said when the world wants you to be a shoe, you kick back and be whomever the heck you wanna be. Even if it’s a purse. Or maybe a hat. And that’s what she did. Rachel took up “one of those job things” then progressed to find her actual calling in fashion. She decided to raise Emma without having the support of her parents or even forcing Ross to take up the responsibility along with her. 

Nobody would have taken Rachel as the ambitious type. But among all the friends, Rachel is the one who is most passionate and ambitious about her job. When you compare Rachel at the coffee house serving coffees with the one working at Bloomingdale’s, the change is quite visible. Another notable thing about Rachel is that she is not perfect. She is rash in her decisions and is always quick to jump to assumptions. But that’s what makes her character so relatable. Rachel brings a sweet innocence to the role which makes her seem relatable and like that one chill friend we all want to have. Her wit and sarcasm make her fun to be around. And her on-point dressing sense is what everyone wishes for! 

She’s also the only character to have been roommates with everyone except Chandler and she manages to gel well with all of them. The best part about Rachel is that she knows what she wants and is courageous enough to go after it. Even though she was ambitious about her job, she still chose her love instead of her career. 

According to the makers of FRIENDS, they thought Rachel would be a very mean character. But Jennifer Aniston brought such a likable air to Rachel that she ended up the favorite of millions. So if you are wondering if you know Rachel really well, then why don’t you take the ultimate Rachel Green quiz.

The Ultimate Rachel Green Quiz

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