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Modern Family Trivia: The Hardest Claire Dunphy Quiz

Hello everyone! Welcome to another very interesting and really hard quiz on the perfect mom of the Modern Family—Claire Dunphy! A loving wife, a caring mom, a good friend, and a sweet daughter. Because Claire is such an important character in the show, it would not be fair to not discuss the important aspects of Claire’s character. So, let us look at Claire’s character in the Modern Family and then jump right to the hardest Claire Dunphy quiz.

Primarily, Claire is the soul of the Dunphy family. Though we can’t deny the fact that Phil is such an amazing father but he does become over-protective at times which makes things weird. But Claire works as a mediator between the kids and Phil. She is balanced most of the time and knows what should be done when almost no one has a clue. More importantly, she knows what is right to do at a given time. This quality in Claire comes from her desire to be a “perfectionist” which is the second most important quality in Claire.

Claire might not be a perfectionist by birth but she certainly improved herself to grow into one. She is not someone who would do anything just for the sake of it, she does everything right! Well, probably not all the time. But yes, she loves to be proven right. Another very important characteristic of Claire linked to her perfectionism is her competitive nature. As revealed on the show, Claire was quite competitive since childhood. Since she didn’t have a good relationship with her mother who always made her think bad about herself, Claire always tried to be strong and try to be “good enough”. In this process, she became a tough kid while her brother remained a sensitive child. This also reasons for her often seen bossy or controlling nature, which also reflects her mother’s influence on her.

Between Phil and Claire, the latter often comes as dominant. As a wife, she is not that controlling of her husband rather she takes that on her children. This trait of her personality might be seen in a negative light but as the show progresses, Claire seems to realize this and we see great character development in her. Though she still has a knack for being the best person in the room.

Most of the traits of Claire’s personality are totally opposite of her husband, Phil. But the most important thing is that they both share a great bond as they were friends they got married. They are not only a good couple but perfect parents and throughout the run of the show, we see them discussing kids and different parenting methods.

So, those were the most important aspects of Claire Dunphy’s character. If you love ‘Modern Family’, be sure to check out more of our interesting quizzes on the show and its characters. And now it’s time for you to take probably the hardest Claire Dunphy quiz and do let us know your score in the comment section.

The Hardest Claire Dunphy Quiz

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