30 Reasons Why Rachel Green Was The Worst Friend

Every character on Friends has some things that fans don’t like, but there are a couple of things about Rachel that makes her stand out from the rest. In this article, we will look into 30 reasons why Rachel Green was the worst friend.


She left Barry at the altar. If she did not love him or did not want to spend her life with him, then she should have figured it out before their wedding day. Leaving a person like that makes her a horrible person.


After seeing Ross with Julie, she constantly behaved badly with Julie. Come on! Julie didn’t do anything wrong. She just felt in love with a guy she likes.


Even after knowing that Paola hit on Pheobe, she slept with him just because she did not have any boyfriend at that time…that too without first talking to Pheobe. In a sense, she cheated on Pheobe.


She never wanted to see Ross happy. According to her, if she does not have a boyfriend, Ross should also not have a girlfriend. When Ross was with Julie, she created the whole drama by drinking wine and calling Ross and telling her she was over him. She ruined the happy going relationship between Ross and Julie.


When Ross found out about Rachel liking him back, he broke up with Julie just for Rachel(even when there was no issue with Julie). But she broke up with him over a small issue of Ross making a list of her pros and cons. Ross was surely wrong and faulty but she should not have broken up with him over this issue. Now Ross has neither Julie nor her.


She was totally wrong here and then she tried to justify it!

When Ross and she are back together for the second time, Ross wants to spend their anniversary together(Well, who won’t?) but Rachel is so busy at work that she can not find time to spend this one of the most special days with his partner. Anyways, Ross comes to her office to celebrate a little with her their anniversary(which I believe it’s very cute of him) but Rachel is rude to him and kicks him out of the office saying she is busy. Even after coming back home, instead of apologizing for her behavior, she blames Ross for coming to her office. Here is a piece of conversation :

Ross: Look, um, about what happened earlier…

Whoa. I completely understand. You were stressed.

Rachel: I was gonna give you a chance to apologize to me.

Ross: For what? For letting you throw me out of your office?

Rachel: You had no right coming down to my office, Ross.


Over this incident, instead of giving it some time to be normal, she again unexpectedly breaks up with Ross. Was it Ross’ fault for wanting to celebrate their anniversary together?


Sleeping of Ross with the copy girl was a very big fault of Ross and can not be fully justified but here are some points which prove that it was not totally Ross’ fault :

a. First of all, Rachel was the one who broke up with him, Ross did not want that. If that had not happened, Ross wouldn’t have done that mistake.

b. Since they were on a break, the act of Ross can not be fully condemned.

c. After breaking up, when Ross goes to a bar, she lets Mark come to her place even when she knows that Ross feels insecure about him. Ross called her from bar to work things out, but he heard Mark over the phone and thought that as soon as they broke up, she is now with Mark. He thought if she had moved on, why shouldn’t he?

e. He was drunk at the time when she made out with that copy girl. He was out of his senses. When he wakes up in the morning, he realizes that it was a big mistake done by him.

Although, even after these points, I believe Ross was faulty but I am saying that it was not 100% his fault. Rachel was faulty too. Ross apologized a lot. Rachel should have given him some time and not break up with him again.


When she could not go out with Joshua and finds out that Ross is with Emily in Vermont, she gets mad at him. Dear Rachel, if you can go out with a guy, why can’t he?

10. [Again ruining Ross’ life]

She goes over to London to tell Ross that she still loves him and break his marriage with Emily. Where was she before? When Ross is finally happy with Emily, why can’t she let him stay happy?

As well said by a fellow passenger in the plane :

Passenger: I just want to say that you are a horrible, horrible person.

Rachel: Pardon me?

Passenger: You’re about to ruin the happiest day of his life. I have to agree with your friend Pheebs. This is a terrible, terrible plan.

Rachel: – But he has to know how I feel.

Passenger: – But why?

Passenger: He loves this Emily. No good can come of this. By the way, it seems to be clear you were on a break.

If she had not gone to London, Ross probably won’t have said her name at the wedding, and Emily won’t have felt so insecure about her afterward. But none of this happened. She went, which eventually lead to the termination of Ross’ marriage with Emily. (She even agreed to go to the honeymoon suite with Ross when Emily didn’t show up.)


She tells Ross who was just married to Emily that she still loves him even after Monica warning her a hundred times!!!!!!!! Why does she want to confuse him?


But she does not want Ross when his marriage with Emily is over. Why? The Reason is Ross is now alone. She wants him only when he is enjoying his life with some other girl. When he is alone, she does not want him.


When Ross is finally having fun with Bonnie, she starts feeling jealous again because she does not have a guy to go out. So she suggests Bonnie to bald her head to disturb their relationship.


[She deserved an ass-kicking for this]

On the same day, When Ross and Rachel decide to get back together, Ross goes and breaks up with Bonnie. When he comes back, instead of getting back together as they agreed upon, she wants him to take the “full responsibility” of what happened between them in the past by handing him over 18 pages, front and back. Now here are a few questions for the mean shallow woman.

a. If she had some conditions, why didn’t u tell Ross before he broke up with Bonnie? If you had told him the conditions beforehand, and if Ross did not agree with it, he could have at least be with Bonnie. What is the point of telling him conditions after he already broke up with Bonnie for her?

b. It was 5.30 in the morning. How can you expect someone to read these 18 pages at this time? That too when he had just broke up.

c. Why should Ross take the “full responsibility”? Ross was not totally faulty, there was many fault of hers too.

d. Even when Ross didn’t say anything even after reading the pages, why did she bring it back when they were in the bed saying,”My mom said, once a cheater, always a cheater” and “You needed some time to get a little perspective”. Dear Rach, even if someone has accepted his fault, these lines would hurt anyone’s pride.

As expected from her, she again breaks up with him, leaving Ross alone, again.


She said yes to Joey when she accidentally thought he was proposing to her. She just had Ross’ baby.


She flirts with Joey(and not in a serious way, just physical) even after knowing that he is one of Ross’s best friends and that would jeopardize their friendship.


She decides to go to Paris for a job. How can she do this to Ross? Ross also wants to spend time with her daughter. And he could not keep his son, Ben. She does not even talk to Ross before deciding to go to Paris and taking Emma away from his father. She is totally insensitive to other people’s feelings.


She asks Ross not to go out with her sister, Jill. If Rachel is not going out with him, she has no right over Ross to force him to do that.


She slept with Barry, even after knowing that he is going to get married to Mindy.


She was never really thankful to any of her friends. Not even to Monica who supported her during her crisis. In fact, she openly expressed her sadness over Monica & Chandler’s wedding, just because she was still single and getting old. No good friend would ever say that.


She is jealous as well as cunning. During the episode with Ross’s girlfriend Charlie (one of the nicest people on the show), she did all the bi**hing and finally made Phoebe look like the culprit.


Taking Advantage of Monica

Monica helps Rachel in the pilot, immediately taking her in and offering to assist her in getting her life back together. But, instead of respecting Monica, helping her, allowing her to have her own moments, she steals her thunder.

When Monica finds her match and gets engaged to Chandler, Rachel thinks this is a good time to kiss Ross because, per usual, her will to be the most important. Except it’s not. And Rachel hasn’t learned to be a better friend.


She dates Mark after adamantly denying ever having a thing for him when she was with Ross. Mark tells Rachel that he could not ask her out because she had been dating Ross. This proves Ross’s insecurity about Mark correct in many ways.


She exchanges almost every gift she gets without realizing how people feel about that.


She was not professional at work either. She hires an unqualified guy, Tag, just because she likes his face and sleeps with him.


She also said Ross came on to her while the truth was the opposite. She even starts to watch videotape to prove this wrong blame.


She ruined Ross’ special evening plans of spending time with Emily by throwing a fake on-the-spot party just to seduce Joshua.


She was mean in high school as told by Luisa(season 1) from Animal control called by Rachel when she lost Marcel. She was pissed off with Rachel.


When Brad Pitt comes as Will in one episode, he also hated Rachel so much that he and Ross co-founded the “I Hate Rachel Club”.


She also burnt down Pheobe’s apartment.

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