10 Foods For Strong And Thick Hair

Foods For Strong And Thick Hair

How many of you drool over some actress that is flaunting her hair in front of the camera? I'm sure most of you are saying ‘me' to my question, especially girls. Strong and thick hair is a dream to everyone. Some people are born with thick hair and some people

10 Simple Healthy Foods To Add In Our Diet

Healthy Foods To Add In our Diet

Healthy food sounds boring, doesn't it? But this is something that you should be eating every day in the proper amount. Everybody gets fascinated by the term ‘yummy' food. Because those people consider junk food ‘yummy’. Regular in-take of those foods can harm our body in many ways. They also

Top 10 Easily Available Protein Sources

easily available protein sources

Protein are the building blocks of our body. They help in the building of our muscles, organs, hormones etc. A healthy protein diet can also help us in losing weight. Here are the top 10 easily available protein sources. 10. Sattu (Gram Powder Soup) Sattu is a flour from the Indian subcontinent