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The Hardest Weasley Family Quiz

Hey Potterheads! Welcome to yet another exciting Harry Potter quiz. But today we are not going to talk about “the chosen one” but rather about his most-adorable second family—The Weasleys! There is a warmth and love that comes with the Weasley, which makes Harry and all of us fall in love with them. So let us explore a little bit about the Weasley family and why they are one of the best Wizarding families ever. And then we will treat you with an interesting ”The Hardest Weasley Family Quiz” that only a true fan can ace.

The first and the most interesting thing about this ginger family is the fact that every member of the family is different, except Fred and George who are literally each-others copy. Starting from Arthur Weasley who is fun-loving but sensible, but his wife Molly Weasley is a no-nonsense person. The couple has seven children and each one of them is just amazing.

Unfortunately, Charlie is not shown in the movies, but we get to see all the other siblings throughout the eight movies. One of the most interesting things about all the Weasley children is that all of them are very good at studies, though Fred and George do not pursue their careers in the academic field as per their parent’s wish, all of them are really good a t magic and distinguish themselves by their amazing personalities. 

Now, the most important role of the Weasley family is to give Harry the atmosphere he deserved but never got. Since the beginning of his life, Harry yearned for love which he never got from his uncle and aunt. Soon after meeting Ron, he became friendly with Fred and George and almost instantly became an important member of the Weasley family. It would not be wrong to say he is the eighth child of Molly Weasley. And among the many father figures Harry had through the eight years, Arthur Weasley was the only constant one, who advised, protected, and stood by Harry. The fact that J.K. Rowling dropped the idea of killing Arthur Weasley proves the worth of the Weasley family in the series. 


Though the Weasley family is a pure-blood wizarding family yet unlike other such families they fully support half-bloods. Being one of few families who support muggle relations, they were always seen with scrutiny by other pure-blood families, especially the Malfoys. But the Weasleys know where their priorities lie and they never left Dumbledore’s side and stood by their beliefs. And all their children also followed in their footsteps. Though Percy left his family for some time and Ron left Harry, but they both realized their mistakes in no time. And that’s what we love about these ginger heads!

So, that was it about the Weasley Family. Do let us know what you like the most about the Weasley family. Now, let’s jump right into ”The Hardest Weasley Family Quiz” and see if you can ace it. Do not forget to post your scores in the comment section.

The Hardest Weasley Family quiz

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