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New Girl Trivia: The Hardest Winston Schmidt Quiz

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another amazing trivia on New Girl. In today’s post, we are going to dig into one of the main characters of the show—Winston Schmidt. If you like ‘New Girl’, you obviously love Schmidt’s character. Like always we will treat you with a hard Winston Schmidt quiz at the end which only a hard-core fan of the show can ace. So let’s see what makes Schmidt such a loved character in the show. 

One of the most important characters of the show, Schmidt has a lot of qualities that make him different from other male characters. First and the most important quality that makes him stand out is being highly into taking care of the loft. Unlike other characters, he is so much into decorating the place and keeping it clean and doing things according to his standards. These qualities highlight even more with Nick living with him, as he is very unhygienic. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that Winston is the most organised member of the gang. 

Besides being very fit and fine in his adulthood, Schmidt suffered from obesity in his school days that kind of has an impact on his self-esteem. Though he sometimes tries extra hard to win over people yet he shows a lot of confidence among ladies. He is very proud of how he looks now. Sometimes he gets even a little bit creepy and off-putting but he manages it well with his humour. 

Another thing that makes Schmidt a very interesting character is his love life, which was quite zigzag. Sure enough, Schmidt had an epic love story with Cece but before settling down, he dated many girls and even dated two girls at the same time. That is the only negative part in the personality of Schmidt but it eventually worked out between him and Cece. This is the biggest character arc for Schmidt. And we loved to see him become an excellent husband and a great father in the last seasons. 

One of the most important qualities of any character in a sitcom is how much they contribute to the comedic part of the show. When it comes to Schmidt, his one-liners are the most fun part of his character. Since he is such a blend of so many different characteristics, it is fun to see how diverse his one-liners are as well. It is not just based on sarcasm or just for laughs but it is made to suit the frames and situation he is in. 

Apart from being a little bossy and arrogant about himself, Schmidt has always been a good person in the end. He has always helped his friends, and did whatever he could to make them happy. Though even the douchebag jar couldn’t change his behaviour, but we still love Winston Schmidt. So that was it about Schmidt, now it’s time for you to take up the hardest Winston Schmidt quiz and do let us know your scores in the comment section below. 

The Hardest Winston Schmidt Quiz

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  • The name Schmidt takes on when the landlord comes is Ginny not Jimmy


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