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Friends Trivia: The Obscure Chandler Bing Quiz

Hello everyone! We are back with yet another Friends trivia and today we are going to talk about the most sarcastic character created on television—Chandler Bing! Though we know you know Chandler very well, but today you will have to prove how well you know him by taking up this obscure Chandler Bing quiz. But before that let’s refresh our memory of what makes Chandler the most amazing character ever and then we’ll jump right into the quiz.

The most important thing that makes Friends so successful is that its characters are very diverse. And when it comes to Chandler Bing, his most important characteristic is sarcasm, humour and wit. Chandler is the epitome of sarcasm, but with his out-of-the-world sarcasm comes a lot of awkwardness. But the interesting fact is that it makes Chandler very relatable to a common person. Surely, not all of us are as sarcastic as he is, but we find ourselves in awkward situations all the time. And I don’t believe you don’t think of being Chandler in those moments. You do, right?

Besides his unmatched sarcasm, another thing that adds to the popularity of Chandler as a character is his utter hatred for his job. Throughout the series, he is seen in different jobs at different positions but he is also seen as an adult who hates his job. But he is a practical person and thus he is the most financially stable guy in his group. Moreover he also constantly helps Joey financially. But that’s not it, Chandler finally gets an interesting job as a copywriter in the last season and that’s what makes him even more inspiring to some degree. Not only Chandler all the characters do things that most of us aspire to do. 

Chandler bing quiz

Another thing that makes Chandler such an amazing character is his friendship with everyone in the group. Undoubtedly, he is bros with Joey but he is equally attached to everyone else. And of course, how can we forget about his super cute love story with Monica? Sure Ross and Rachel are good, but Chandler and Monica are just incredible! The most important thing is that their love story is less complicated and it gives way for Chandler’s character to develop as a more responsible adult.

Last but not least, Chandler’s character arc is one of the best things on the show. We are introduced to him as a funny, sarcastic and living-in-the-moment kind of guy. He was not at all serious about marriage and dreaded having a family but in the last seasons, he totally changed. Not only did he get married but did it in the most romantic way. Most importantly he became a father to twins. Chandler’s character is the purest projection of a man throughout his life. 

So that was it about Chandler, now it’s time for you to take up the obscure Chandler Bing quiz and do let us know what is it that you love about Chandler. Now take up the quiz and do let us know your scores in the comment section.

The Obscure Chandler Bing Quiz

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