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The Ultimate Friends Quiz

Do I need to introduce this show to anyone? ‘Friends’ is the world’s most popular show. The most important thing is that the show is equally popular among the young as well as old generations. And what makes the show is its theme of friendship, love, and life. And if you have landed here, we are pretty sure you are a die-hard ‘Friends’ fan. So, today we are going to treat you to an interesting and pretty hard ‘the ultimate Friends quiz.

‘Friends’ is the show that made us all realize the true meaning of friendship and how friends could be your family and even more than that. But there is one more thing that makes ‘Friends’ even more interesting and different from other shows. We are talking about the real-life issues that the show tried to reflect on in every episode. Let’s admit, we all had been spoiled like Rachel or financially broke like Joey, and ‘Friends’ was the show that showed us that it is very common to have these problems. More than that it showed us that we are not alone to face these issues in life. It very realistically reflected ourselves through Rachael, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe. And the audience i.e. connected to that and that has made all the difference.

The second and the most powerful reason that is responsible for the show’s tremendous success is how it incorporated family issues instead of having a very basic storyline that was knitted around friends. The show clearly showed how important family is and that you don’t need to ignore your family if you are close to your friends. Remember Mr. and Mrs. Geller from the ‘Friends Reunion’! The show has chemistry between the whole star cast that binds the show together and it makes you feel welcome every time you watch an episode. 

There are several reasons why people love ‘Friends’, the above given are just a few. But now let’s take us to the ultimate Friends Quiz and let’s see how much can you score? Let us know your scores in the comments!

The Ultimate Friends Quiz

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