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HIMYM Trivia: The Ultimate Marshall Eriksen Quiz

How I Met Your Mother! A sitcom that has given us a lot to cherish. The characters, the storyline, everything fell in place. We were able to relate to each one of them, and that is what made it super popular. In this article, we will take The Ultimate Marshall Eriksen Quiz. But before that, let us have a look at some of the details.

The show has a huge fan base, and if you don’t know what we are talking about, well then go watch the damn show. To give you a quick refresher, How I Met Your Mother is a show which is about 5 characters and their lives. How these characters have different personalities, and how these friends survive the hard game called life.

Out of these 5 characters, Marshall is one of the most loved characters. Erikson is shown to have a golden heart, and well, he loved food. Marshall is the best friend of Ted Mosby, whom he met during his college. He is married to Lily, who is a part of the 5 main characters of the series and he is simply a cutie. Marshall is sweet, warm, and a very kind person. The guy was born in Minnesota, he is very close with his family, and loves them, he is also very sensitive and passionate about things. Marshall loves Gouda and well he is quite superstitious as well, as Lily once told us that Marshall licks the plane so that the plane does not crash. 

Not that surprising, but Marshall believes in ghosts, Bigfoot, and Monster as well. He loves Lily because she believes in such myths too, and he uses the word Lawyered, a lot! Marshall also has a habit of singing, and he eats a lot. Well, because he LOVES FOOD, duh. Marshall is also a player of the apparent violent sport named Baskiceball, and he is a strong fighter, as shown in one of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother. He also dances way too smoothly and he is a pro at playing games. Remember Marshgammon, ah the game this guy invented. Marshall is so good at playing games that he even won Zitch Dog while he was sleeping.

Another interesting thing about Marshall? The guy is shown to have telepathic powers. All throughout the series, we watch how he communicates with all his friends and Lily, telepathically. Did you know that Marshall has also designed websites? Two of the websites designed by this talented guy include LilyandMarshallselltheirstuff.com and Slapcountdown.com. Marshall loves Star Wars and Field of Dreams. He can also play acoustic guitar, the banjo, and the piano. Damn, we just realized how goddamn talented Marshall is. 

All our eyes on you now, as this is where we stop giving out all of the juicy details. We have talked enough, and now it is our time to get started with the ultimate Marshall Eriksen quiz. We have created this quiz specifically for you, and we are sure that you are going to enjoy each and every bit of this one. How are we so sure about this one? Well, if you love Marshall, then we are sure that you would also love to prove your love for him. You can only prove it by getting all of these questions right, and we challenge you to do so. So, without delaying it any further, let’s start the quiz already!

The Ultimate Marshall Eriksen Quiz

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