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Schitt’s Creek Trivia : The Ultimate Patrick Brewer Quiz

Hey guys, today we have a new quiz with us from Schitt’s Creek, on Patrick Brewer. He is the business and life partner of David Rose. Before we begin the ultimate Patrick Brewer quiz, let us look into some of the details.

The favorite couple among the viewers from Schitt’s Creek was David and Patrick. Patrick’s thoughtfulness, and practical application, and having good knowledge in business made him perfectly co-exist and act as a catalyst towards David’s creativity. Initially, Patrick’s extreme confidence does outweigh the fact that he had not coped up with the new lifestyle at the Creek, but Patrick faced his problems rather than running away from it, and all this while David’s support made him feel like anything was possible. 

One thing that Patrick did feel difficult was communicating things, which is evident when he made it doubtful whether his and David’s first date was a date or not, who even wanted David to make the first move. We also learn that he didn’t tell David that he was engaged to a woman in the past. David on the other hand did reciprocate feelings for him and admitted that it is a new thing to him to be attracted to someone as nice as Patrick. Patrick’s jealousy and competitiveness are portrayed in the show when he sees Ted kissing David during a game, to which he responds by kissing Alexis. This can also be considered as a type of insecurity from a boyfriend’s point of view.

Patrick made his first appearance in Season 3, after meeting and becoming a business partner at Rose Apothecary alongside David. But this interest towards the business is also inclined towards David which does not go unnoticed as Alexis conveys to David what she thought about Patrick’s sexuality and his interest in David. He gradually became the main topic of discussion between Stevie and David. And all these assumptions and suspicions turned out to be true when Patrick reveals how happy he was after David kissed him.

In Season 4, it is a different Patrick that is portrayed, who now is more comfortable with his sexuality and becomes more open towards David with his feelings, who starts gifting David monthly and also sings for David at the store’s open mic night all as his romantic gestures. But things slightly take a halt when Patrick’s ex-fiance, Rachel turns up at a Rose family barbeque, but this doesn’t make much of a difference in David and Patrick’s relationship who reunite again. In season 6, Patrick is more settled in the Creek, who moves out of Ray’s Apartment and gets his own and even throws a housewarming party. 

It is in this season where he gets involved in a lot of things such as participating in an amateur baseball league and also gets a role in Moira’s community theatre production of Cabaret. Apart from all this socialization, his personal life with David remained his top priority, but there had to be some changes made with how things were going in the relationship. But after overcoming all these ups and downs, Patrick is the one who makes the move and proposes to David, which David accepts. The two finally get married at the end of Season 6. 

Enough with the info, down below is the ultimate Patrick Brewer quiz. If you consider yourself a big fan of the show, give this quiz a try and let us know your score in the comments box below.

The Ultimate Patrick Brewer Quiz

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  • I got 28/30 despite recognizing that several of the questions were flawed or flat out wrong. I’m not obsessed with this show or anything 🤣


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