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10 Best Shows To Watch After Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the uncrowned king among the most hilarious workplace comedies. The show made some “die-hard” fans from the time it went on air. But no matter how hilarious the show was, it had to end someday and it did. But the popularity of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has risen ever since it went off the air. Unquestionably, the fans of the show have been binge-watching it. But though it is difficult to say goodbye to your comfort show, it is all good to try some other sitcoms which are very similar to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

To make your job easy, we have combined a list of 10 sitcoms to watch for every Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan. Some of the most obvious sitcoms like The Office, Parks, and Recreations, etc. (which are also created by Michael Schur) have not been listed because those are the most obvious choices and we presume you all have watched them. But if you haven’t, then you better do. So now let’s see the top 10 best shows to watch after Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

10. Sirens (2 seasons)

A major workplace comedy like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sirens is the American version of the British show. This follows the life and particularly workday of three medical technicians in Chicago. What makes this show so amazing and captivating is the brilliant use of situational comedy which is hilarious and full of comedic bliss. The show is unique as well as relatable to a great extent as it unfolds the daily mishaps of the show’s quirky characters. Brilliant in its writing and performance, Sirens is a must-watch for anyone who loved a fast-paced comic ride.

9. Silicon Valley (6 seasons)

The next sitcom on our list is Silicon Valley which centers around the tech world of Silicon Valley. What makes this show different from other sitcoms is that this one is inspired by true events. Though a lot of things are fictionalized yet it is a great show to watch if you are interested in knowing the inside story of Startups in Silicon Valley, of course with a humorous touch. The show incorporates casual comedies and places it in the most serious situation which makes the show stand apart.

8. Young Sheldon (5 seasons)

When it comes to spin-offs of the popular shows, they mostly disappoint, but that’s certainly not the case with Young Sheldon that follows the early life of Nobel-winning Physicist Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory. Unlike TBBT, the show is not for anyone who loves loud-out-loud laughter but it sure tickles your ribs with its subtle humor and wit. The show is marked for its brilliant portrayal of young Sheldon, young Missy, and Georgie who are the most loved characters of the show.

7. Scrubs (9 seasons)

If you are in the mood to watch something comedic with a sprinkle of emotions, then you should definitely give a shot to Scrubs. This show depicts the life of John Dorian, an intern in the medical field. The show is relatable as we all have once been the unexperienced John juggling through life and work. But the show also has amazing humor with a tinge of seriousness. This balance between drama and comedy makes the show a delight to watch and if you love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you will surely love the show. The show may not deliver one-liners but it sure doesn’t fail to bring out the laugh-out-loud moments.

6. Psych (8 seasons)

Psych is another light-hearted approach to the dark crime world. The show is about Shawn Spencer, a young detective with Sherlock Holmes’ observation skills. Shawn’s friend and partner-in-solving crimes make the duo a delight to watch (Jake and Boyle vibes!). The show is all about light-hearted comedy with occasional gushes of drama, mystery, and subtle wit. The show’s clever writing and even brilliant performances make it a must-watch for every sitcom lover.

Now, let’s see our top 5 recommendations…

5. 2 Broke Girls (6 seasons)

One of the most underrated workplace sitcoms is 2 Broke Girls starring Kate Dennings and Beth Behrs. The show is set in Brooklyn and follows the struggling lives of Max and Caroline who want to make a name for themselves. The show offers a great cast having brilliant comic timing and witty dialogue that will make you roll in laughter. ‘2 Broke Girls’ is fast-paced and a great mixture of realistic situations and delightful characters. This show is a must-watch for anyone who is ready for some hardcore nonsensical comedy.

4. The Good place (4 seasons)

Another truly amazing show by Michael Shur which is a must-watch is The Good Place. The show does have a Mike Shur touch but it is quite different from his earlier show. The fantasy-based setting of the show makes it seem like a refreshing show. The show is set in Heaven and follows the protagonist Eleanor’s arrival and her constant struggle to mend her ways to stay there. Clearly, the concept, theme, and of course, the writing of the show is very clever and it is definitely a must-watch for anyone who loves situational comedy with the most-ridiculously weird characters along with little twists and turns.

3. Superstore (6 seasons)

For anyone who likes workplace comedy, Superstore is one such recommendation that you just cannot skip. As the title suggests, the show is set in a Cloud 9 store in Missouri and follows the weirdest and most contrasting set of workers and their daily mishaps. The show is quite realistic in its approach and is a sweet mixture of comedy with a little drama and emotions. The show even feels like a ‘feel-good’ light-hearted show that could make you a little bit more relaxed and refreshing. Check out Superstore to meet the most amazingly weird group of friends.

2. Schitt’s Creek (6 seasons)

This show is often said to be a little flat in its first few episodes but Schitt’s Creek is another great recommendation if someone wants to go with slow, subtle, and clever writing. The show’s story revolves around the Rose family who has lost all their money except a town called Schitt’s Creek. The show does not have over-the-top themes nor is it loud in its treatment yet it offers an interesting approach to the concept of the show. Especially the performances by the lead actors are the best part of the show. The show does offer very witty dialogues and punchlines as well.

1. Reno 911 (7 seasons)

If there is a show that is very close to what Brooklyn Nine-Nine offers, it has to be Reno 911. This madcap ensemble brings the most hilarious characters and situations together to make you roll in laughter. The show’s x-factor is its daring nature to experiment with its quirky and wild characters and force them into the wildest and weirdest situations to bring out belly laughter. The show is shot in mockumentary style which gives it a realistic look, though you are sure to witness the most unrealistic characters ever. But the show is surely one of the best sitcoms of all time.

We hope you liked our recommendations. If you have any recommendations you’d like to share, you can do that in the comment sections below. That’s all for today. Till have fun binge-watching these shows.

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