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The Office Trivia: The Obscure Michael Scott Quiz

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another amazing quiz on our favourite workplace comedy—The Office. Today we are going to talk about the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Boss”—Michael Gary Scott (not that we don’t agree because Michael is the best!). So today we are going to test how well you know Michael Scott with this Obscure Michael Scott quiz that can only be aced by a hardcore fan. But before we get on with the quiz, let’s take a look at the most important characteristics that make Michael our favourite character.

The first and obvious characteristic of Michael’s character is that he could be quite obnoxious. In fact, it is clear from the very first episode. He mostly does it unintentionally but sometimes it is his way of being humorous, which more often than not leaves his co-workers embarrassed and hurt. But it is quite evident that his obnoxiousness doesn’t come from a bad place, Michael is pure at heart which is his best quality.

Yes, no matter how silly, annoying and idiotic Michael behaves, he is one of the best people at heart. This is evident in many situations; he almost takes care of everyone in the office. There is no doubt that Michael considers Dunder Mifflin his family. He actually is attached to each co-worker and that shows in how he remembers even the most little things about them. For instance, he remembers the name of Angela’s cats, he shows up to Pam’s art show. All these small gestures show how amazing a person he is. Besides this, he is the best at his work and guides everyone. Yes, at times he fails miserably but he keeps everyone entertained, sometimes a little bit too much. 

Michael is of those characters who possess many contradictory qualities. For instance, Michael makes people feel comfortable as much as he makes them uncomfortable! He shares a different bond with almost everyone in the office (sometimes those bonds are imaginary though!) But Michael is very good when it comes to convincing people into believing what he believes in. He is also called out for romanticizing every relationship he has with his exes, which is quite true. But it is kind of a core trait of his personality and not a negative one which makes the audience relatable to him. Most of us do that in life and Michael portrays it just fine. 

Last, but not the least, Michael’s character development is incredible. He loves the show in between to live his life with the love of his life. This is quite the ending for any character. Michael always wanted a happy married life and he deserved every bit of the domestic bliss, and that is what he got in the end. He couldn’t have asked for a better life partner than Holly. 

So that was it about Michael Scott. Now it is time for you to take up the Obscure Michael Scott quiz and let us see how well you can score. Don’t forget to tell your score in the comment section.

Obscure Michael Scott Quiz

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