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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Can You Complete These Raymond Holt Quotes?

Hey Nine-Niners! Welcome to a great Brooklyn Nine-nine trivia. Today we are going to quiz you on the most popular and interesting lines by Captain Holt. So let’s see how many of these you know correctly. But before jumping directly to the Raymond Holt quotes quiz, let’s take a look at Raymond Holt as a character and how he has evolved throughout the series.

Captain Holt is the eldest and the only serious character in the show. But he could not be called boring because as the show progresses we come to see how he is as much fun as any other character but with a little difference. As the Captain of the Precinct, Holt is serious most of the time (especially in the first season). The next important thing about him is that he is quite disciplined, which becomes a problem for the detectives. But in just a few days, he makes the detectives see the importance of disciple in their lives and the office. With this, he also becomes more comfortable dealing with the squad.

As we have seen quite a few captains in the 99th Precinct, it would not be wrong to say, Holt was the best captain. But it is not just his seriousness and discipline that make him a good captain, it is his resourcefulness and presence of mind most of the time. Another thing that makes his character more real is his struggles in life and the NYPD. He talks about it many times throughout the show, but he never tries to be preachy, it is his subtle suggestions that make him so respectable to all. He handles situations with a calm mind without being overbearing. In short, he is a no-nonsense person.

Brooklyn Nine-nine is a workplace comedy, so it is impossible that we don’t talk about the hilarious side of Holt. He is unintentionally funny. He does have a good sense of humor which is not comprehensible to everyone in the office (except Amy) but he unintentionally cracks many jokes as well. But apart from his humor, it is his love for everyone which makes him the best character ever. He is humble and sympathetic which wins everyone’s heart in no time.

Last but not the least; Holt is one such rare character whose moral compass is very high. Though all the characters of the show are moral to the core, most of them had moments of doubt but Holt is one such rare character who is fully aware of his actions and their consequences. He does the right thing, no matter what. This part of his personality is what makes him so likable to the Precinct members. Thus, Holt is a mixture of the most amazing qualities a character can have.

So, that was Raymond Holt, our very own Captain of the 99th Precinct and now we leave you with this amazing quiz. Do attempt the Raymond Holt quotes quiz and do not forget to tell your scores in the comment section. See you next time!

Can You Complete These Raymond Holt Quotes From Brooklyn Nine-Nine?


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