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The Hardest Suits Quiz Ever

Hello everyone! We hope you’re doing great. Today we are here with yet another really interesting and not to forget really hard quiz on ‘Suits’. Only hardcore fans of the show will be able to ace it. And though we know you are a very big fan of the show, we would still like to see the proof. But before you eagerly jump to the hardest suits quiz ever, let’s take a look at what makes ‘Suits’ such an amazing show.

There are many interesting shows centered around lawyers but ‘Suits’ is perhaps the most popular among them. But what is the reason behind its enormous success? Actually, there are multiple reasons. The first and the most important is the characters of the show. No matter if it is the main, supporting or minor character, they have strong personalities. Above all, each character is written in such a way that they all show different shades of human-their strengths, weaknesses, vulnerability and wickedness. This is very rare since in many shows either the characters are good or bad but ‘Suits’ represents characters in a very authentic way. This makes the audience feel relatable to them (even if they are not lawyers).

The second reason why the show has gained such a huge name is because of its casting. The actors are phenomenal. They all portray their character perfectly and we, not a real lawyer can differentiate if they’re acting or they are actually lawyers. The third reason has to be the true portrayal of the character outside of their profession. The audience knows that ‘Suits’ is based on the lives of lawyers but the show does a great job in representing the personal lives of lawyers as well. Be it friendships or romantic relationships, ‘Suits’ does a great job at depicting those truthfully.

One of the most important things that cannot be overlooked is the amazing writing of the show. The kind of balance ‘Suits’ strikes with sassy and subtle is marvellous. The characters can only be magical if the story is good. And the most important reason behind the show’s success is its story. Last but definitely not least, the dialogue of the show makes it even more tempting to watch. Each character is sassy and badass. It is interesting how every character is different yet likeable. 

So there are a few things that make ‘Suits’ such a good show. Now it’s time for you to take up the hardest suits quiz and let’s see how well you remember the show. And do let us know your scores in the comment section.

The Hardest Suits Quiz

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