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Suits Trivia: The Ultimate Harvey Specter Quiz

Hello everyone! Welcome to a brand new series where we will talk and quiz you about one of the leading characters of ‘Suits’. Yep, we are talking about the alpha male Harvey Specter. This handsome lawyer is one of the most intense and motivating characters in the show. So, let’s take a look at what this character is all about, and then we will treat you to a hard Harvey Specter quiz as well. So let’s start. 

One of the most important things to note about Harvey is that he is a very simple character since there is a lot of history behind this very strong alpha man. He is one of the most career-driver characters ever written. But behind the surface level, Harvey is like any other character that has a lot going on in his life. Though we don’t know every part of that story, the most significant parts of it are shown and it is enough to make out why he is the way he is.

One of the most important parts of anyone’s life is childhood and if we analyse the childhood of Harvey, we can see a lot from his perspective. Harvey’s childhood was quite traumatizing and had a huge impact on his life. First and foremost, it was his parent’s relationship that made him emotionally distant from everyone. It even had a huge impact on his love life too. Harvey in his adulthood seems very emotionally detached from people in general, this is the result of his emotionally unavailable parents. But besides having a detached attachment style, Harvey has made some good friends and his friend circle is very small. But he is loyal to his friends and loves them. 

One of the things that cannot be overlooked about Harvey is his dedication to work. He is very career-driven and knows his worth. He always strives to be the best and proves it too. Thus, Harvey’s character is very inspiring as well. Throughout the show, he drops really motivating dialogues as well. So, Harvey’s character is very balanced in a perfect way, both professionally and socially. 

As we discussed Harvey had some major childhood traumas, it has been shown very realistically on the show. One of the major things that contributes to the character development of Harvey is his dealing with his childhood issues through therapy. It is refreshing to see a not-so-emotional character go through his journey accept everything and become a better person. The character arc of Harvey Specter is really very intense and portrayed very beautifully. 

So that was everything about Harvey Specter. Now it’s time for you to take up the Harvey Specter quiz and do let us know your scores in the comment section. Let’s see how well you know him. All the best!

The Ultimate Harvey Specter Quiz

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