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New Girl Quotes Quiz: Who Said It?

Hello everybody! Welcome to yet another edition of the New Girl Quiz. Today’s quiz is specially curated for hardcore fans of the show who remember the show line to line. So here is the New Girl quotes quiz. Before you get too excited to ace the quiz, let’s take a look at the most important aspects of the show that make us the audience rush back to it again and again. Do let us know how many times have you watched the show in the comments. And now let’s start.

One of the chief reasons why ‘New Girl’ has become a comfort show for many people is because of its relatable characters and their relationship dynamics. The basically showcases friendship, love and life in a captivating and hilarious way. Not a single character in the show is very extraordinary and that’s what makes them feel really close to us. No one can feel threatened by any characters. Almost every character, at some point in the show, has been a hot mess and this makes them even more real, especially characters like Nick, Cece and Jess make us feel quite comforted.

The next thing that makes New Girl so good is its comedy. The show is not only packed with amazing characters but also really hilarious plot twists. This is one of the most important reasons why the show is re-watched by many people over and over. What’s even cool about New Girl is that the jokes and gags in the story never get old and make you laugh each time you watch it.

New Girl Quiz

So, from cast to comedy ‘New Girl’ really tries to bind its audience and its success shows how well it does so. The show has managed to get a cult following in the past few years and remains on the list of one of the most-watched shows of all time.

Another reason that makes ‘New Girl’ such a successful show is its lightness in story and humor. You can start watching the show from any episode and it won’t be difficult for you to comprehend it. You even don’t need to put a lot of brain in it. The humor, story, and characters are so light and common yet interesting that you wouldn’t need to put extra effort into watching it. In short, ‘New Girl’ is the perfect light-hearted sitcom we can when we feel exhausted and need a good laugh over silly things. It’s a perfect feel-good show that makes your stress go by smoothly. 

So, these were some of the most important aspects of ‘New Girl’ that made the show a great success and bound us to run back to it time and again. And now, it’s time for you to take up one of the hardest New Girl Quotes quiz to prove how many times have you watched the show. So, take up the quiz and do let us know how well you scored in the comment section below. 

New Girl Quotes Quiz

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