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New Girl Trivia: The Hardest Winston Bishop Quiz

Welcome back! Welcome to yet another interesting quiz on one of our favourite shows—New Girl. But today we are not got going to talk about our new girl in the city but one of her roommates. Well, today’s quiz is dedicated to Winston Bishop, the childish yet smart member of the gang. And as always we are going to treat you with a really hard Winston Bishop quiz as well. But before that let’s take a look at some of the core characteristics which Winston such a memorable character.

Winston is the only character in the show who was not present in the pilot episode but introduced in later episodes. But that does not mean that he was not the main character of the show. In fact, soon after he was introduced he became quite a fan-favorite. One of the most important characteristics of Winston’s character is his childish behaviour. This does not mean that he is dumb but he keeps the environment very light-hearted with his quirky behavior. Although all the characters of the show have a funny side to them but Winston adds a different flavour to the gang. 

One of the recurring ways Winston keeps people entertained is through his pranks. He loves pranking and leaves no opportunity to prank his roommates. Though, not everyone always likes his ways but he keeps a cool attitude towards them. This makes him the ultimate entertainer of the loft. Another thing that cannot be overlooked about Winston is his love for pets. He loves his pet cat and his relationship with her is quite cute as well. Not only with his cat but Winston shares a close relationship with all the other main characters of the show.

When it comes to being close friends, we have Jess-Cece and Schmidt-Nick, but Winston is one such character who is equally close to all the characters. This is evident from the fact that he is seen giving advice and sharing a good time with all the characters of the show. He is also kind of that member of the gang who keeps the group together. Thus, comes one of the most important personality traits is that he is very secure in his relationships.

Unlike the characters of the show who take a lot of time to find love, Winston’s love story is quite short and sweet. He does not date a lot of women and once he realizes his love for Aly he marries her and finally moves out of the loft. Because of all these qualities Winston is a perfect character yet deserves much more credit as a main character than he does.   

So that was all about Winston Bishop, now it’s time for you to take up the hardest Winston Bishop quiz and prove how well you know him. Do not forget to post your scores in the comment section.

The Hardest Winston Bishop Quiz

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