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Which New Girl Character Are You?

Welcome friends to another ‘New Girl’ quiz, however, in this quiz, we won’t be testing your knowledge about the show or a particular character. In fact, we will ask you a series of questions to determine which New Girl character you are.

Are you the bubbly and optimistic Jessica Day, the sarcastic and laid-back Nick Miller, the ambitious and meticulous Winston Schmidt, the offbeat and quirky Winston Bishop, or the fierce and independent Cece Parekh? Dive into the world of New Girl and embark on a journey of self-discovery to uncover which character resonates with you the most!

Jessica Day, affectionately known as Jess, is the heart and soul of the loft. She has a quirky fashion sense, an optimistic outlook on life, and a penchant for singing made-up songs. Jess brings a sense of warmth and joy to every situation. Then we have Nick Miller, known for his dry humor, passion for beer, and reluctance to get hitched. Nick’s loyalty to his friends is unmatched.

New Girl Quiz

Winston Schmidt, known as Schmidt, is the former high school jock turned uptight marketing executive. He is very competitive, Type-A personality, and is obsessed with cleanliness. Schmidt’s unwavering loyalty and genuine desire to improve make him an integral part of the loft family.

Next up is Winston Bishop, the eccentric and unpredictable member of the group. He is known for his quirky hobbies, love of pranks, and penchant for pop culture references. Lastly, we have Cece Parekh, the confident and fiercely independent model-turned-bartender. She is known for her sharp wit, no-nonsense attitude, and unwavering loyalty to her friends.

Now it’s time to uncover which New Girl character best embodies your personality and traits. Take the ‘Which New Girl character you are’ quiz below to embark on a journey of self-discovery and find out which loftmate you truly are!

Which New Girl Character Are You?

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