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New Girl Trivia: The Hardest Nick Miller Quiz

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another amazing quiz on one of our favorite sitcoms; ‘New Girl’. We know how much you miss the show, so today we are there with a very hard quiz on our favorite character—Nick Miller! But before we jump to the hardest Nick Miller quiz, let’s take a look at what makes Nick so popular among the fans of the show. 

The most important characteristic of Nick’s personality is his sarcasm. He might be the most sarcastic guy among his friend. Sometimes he also gets misunderstood because of this attitude. But Nick’s sarcasm is always on point and is mostly coupled with a good sense of humor as well. Though he might be sarcastic most of the time, he is a very caring person. He is always there to comfort and protect his friends and help them no matter what it costs him, especially Jess. He has also proved to be a very good boyfriend with all his girlfriends and relationships mean a lot to him as is obvious after his break up with Caroline in the very first season. 

Another quality related to Nick’s sarcasm and humor is that he is generally a very amusing person, who keeps everyone entertained. Probably this is the reason why fans love his character so much. He is mostly seen in a light and fun mood. Though no matter how amusing he is, Nick hates working, he is kind of a lazy fella. He loves to sit around ideally doing nothing. But Nick is smart as he tries to solve all the problems by himself without taking help from others. Though more often than not, it goes very wrong. 

hardest Nick Miller quiz

There are always some core personality traits that make some characters more relatable to the audience. in Nick’s case, it has to be his mediocrity. Nick is a simple fellow who doesn’t want much in life and most of the time happy with the way things are. All people on this earth crave that feeling of contentment, though not everybody gets it. But Nick’s character portrays this feeling very well. He is not philosophical or spiritual yet he seems to be very calm and balanced in life.

His way of handling things is also perfect though a few exceptions are there. These types of characters have always been very popular in sitcoms because they represent a mediocrity that we all have. Although all the characters of the show are unique but characters like Nick are non-threatening to us and seem like our friends. And that’s the reason why they become so popular among the audience.

So that was Nick Miller aka the fancy man. Now it’s time for you to prove how well you know Nick by playing this hardest Nick Miller quiz and scoring a perfect thirty. Do not forget to tell your scores in the comment section below.

The Hardest Nick Miller Quiz

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