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10 Most Viewed Comedy TV Shows Of All Time

We love binge-watching our favorite TV shows. Comedy TV shows have always been popular among the masses. Especially Sitcom, it always wins our hearts. Some of the most popular shows of all time have been sitcoms. Keeping their popularity in mind, we decided to make a list of the most-viewed comedy TV shows of all time.

Viewership data of some shows like I Love Lucy, Frasier, M.A.S.H and few other popular shows are not available, thus they are not in the list. Here is the list of 10 most-viewed comedy TV shows of all time.

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Though the main character of this series Larry David has a good wife, a peaceful life, a successful career, he put himself in such hilarious moments that he couldn’t imagine. The things that Larry David got himself in and out of were consistently hilarious, and the mere fact that there’s no script makes Curb even more of a masterpiece. A lot of cringe comedy forgets to actually be funny, but that was never a problem for Curb, which remained as funny (and cringeworthy) as ever.

9. Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope, the main character of this show wanted to grow her career and beatify her own town by helping and building a community for nurses. Her colleague Tom always helped her and her boss Ron opposed the government. The whole story is full of comedy by their rational behavior. It earns a place among the most-viewed comedy TV shows of all time.

8. Modern family

most viewed comedy TV shows of all time

This show is a family that is being modern by the influence of their daughters and son. Claire and Phil with their three kids made a happy family. The homosexual relationship between Jay’s young son Mitchell and his partner Cameron and their adopted little baby girl with their culture, romance and tradition make their family happy. Throughout the series, you can feel comedy, drama, romance at maximum.

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

most viewed comedy TV shows of all time

The story is mainly focused on Jake. Jake is a detective of Brooklyn’s 99 precincts. Jake is a detective who acts on his own. He has a challenging partner Rosa who is a crush of his best friend Boyle. The main feature of this story is you can taste the comedy with so much crime thrilling.

6. The Big Bang Theory

This is a comedy as well as romantic series. In California, there is a lab called Cal Tech. In Cal Tech, there were two best friends (Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon cooper) with no lady luck. There were also two persons who were involved with those two’s life. Four of them were so close to each other. But suddenly, a woman named Penny entered their daily routine life. To make her girlfriend the effort Leonard put made this show so much fun. This show was first released in 2006 in the month of May.

5. Arrested Development

most viewed comedy TV shows of all time

This is the story of a family at Orange City in California. The Bluth family and their members are the main concern of this show. Once they have their own company, own stylish cars, and jets. But after the jail of Mr. Bluth, their savings tended to be zero. His wife Lucille, his daughter Lindsay and his son Buster who were kicked out of their own restaurant made the show funny by their situational comedies. Buster’s son Oscar who had built a group of a magician whose magic was always caught out made this show humorous. 2nd day of November 2003, this show was released and still winning the attention of viewers.

4. Community

This story is full of college life, group study, and friendships. Krasnoff Poster Production made this story more realistic than any other show. The story is upon a lawyer who faked his Bachelor’s degree and starts a class of Spanish. In his Spanish class, he messed up with some buddies. The different types of people of his group study and their conversation make this series too much funny. On 17th September 2009, this series was first premiered.

3. The Office

most viewed comedy TV shows of all time

One of the first popular shows to utilize the mockumentary style, The Office has gone down in history as one of the most clever sitcoms of all time. The employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company were led by their oblivious leader Michael (Steve Carell). He was the best boss in the world, and had the mug to prove it. It has a large cast, and yet each character is fleshed out and hilariously distinct. Admittedly, the show starts to fall apart a bit once Steve Carell leaves in season seven, but the seasons with him as the lead are strong enough to make this show one of the best sitcoms of all time.


Friends is the ultimate feel-good, easy-to-watch sitcom. Who doesn’t love watching a group of friends go through ups and downs, date and break up and then date again? This show is infinitely re-watchable, perfect for a rainy day when you’re looking to feel nostalgic. Friends will always be there for you.

The main six characters of this show are Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Ross Geller, and Phoebe Buffay. Their life since childhood, their love, emotion, personal family problems, fight, laugh, and tears justify the meaning of friendship truly.

1. Seinfeld

Best Seinfeld Episodes

Chronicling the misadventures of four selfish New York friends, the show got off to a slow start, then launched into the rating stratosphere during its fourth season. In the time since the series hasn’t lost an ounce of its comedic luster. The fact that the show has been in continual reruns and syndication since its 76-million viewer finale proves how beloved it remains to this day: Seinfeld is still making money for networks, years after it ended. Ir makes it one of the best sitcoms of all time.

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