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The Office Trivia: The Hardest Kevin Malone Quiz Ever

Hey guys! Welcome to another fun trivia about ‘The Office’ where we will ask some difficult and fun-filled questions. And today we are going to talk about one such amazing character—Kevin Malone. Yep! We are talking about the Ashton Kutcher of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. But before getting on to the ultimate Kevin Malone quiz, let’s take a look at what made the minor characters of the show so different from other sitcoms. 

In the history of workplace sitcoms, The Office will always top the list. No matter how old it gets, the show will always be relatable to the people of every generation. It is not because the show has something very different. The show’s concept is very basic and common, and as a matter of fact, it is the show’s basic concept that makes it so unique. Another thing is the character of the show that made the show so lively and relatable. 

Kevins’s character is adapted from the original The Office’s Keith Bishop. Kevin is one of the most “normal guys” after Oscar in the company. Though he looks childish at times, yet he is one of the most amazing characters that evolved a lot throughout the series. Though Kevin is considerate towards his fellow workers yet he is seen passing offensive comments towards his colleagues at times. And how can we forget Kevin’s side glance at the camera? There are so many things that Kevin’s character had and it is these little details that made him so memorable. But it is not always this memorable, especially in the first season.

Apart from the five lead characters, all the minor characters didn’t have much to do in the first season of the show. The same goes for Kevin. All we knew about him in the first season was that he works in the accounting department of the company. He interacted minimally with other characters. Just like the other minor characters of the show, Kevin’s character has basically nothing to offer that made him likable or unlikeable. And maybe that is the reason why the first season of the show is believed to be the worst season of the show. 

the ultimate Kevin Malone quiz

But the most amazing thing about ‘The Office’ is that the show had pretty clever and brilliant writers. Almost immediately in season 2, the show changed in every respect. Most importantly, the minor characters were given more importance and sufficient changes were also made in the major characters. One thing which is highly appreciable about ‘The Office’ is how it has used its minor characters in a balanced way. As most of the minor characters were more or less very different and if they would have used more frequently they might have become annoying. But seems like the writers understood this very well, thus they used every minor character very wisely. 

So that was it for today. Now let’s jump up to the ultimate Kevin Malone quiz and let’s see how much can you score. Do tell your scores in the comment section.

The Hardest Kevin Malone Quiz

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