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The Hardest Cosmo Kramer Quiz Ever

Welcome friends to another edition of the Seinfeld quizzes. In this one, we will test your knowledge of Cosmo Kramer, the ultimate ‘Hipster Doofus’. But before we begin the hardest Cosmo Kramer quiz, let us look into some details of the show and the character.

When the television series, Seinfeld, first aired in 1989, there weren’t many people that had confidence in how well it would do with audiences. It was unlike any other sitcom on television since there really wasn’t a storyline with the characters. Little did the Peacock Network know that eponymous star Jerry Seinfeld and his co-creator Larry David’s little “show about nothing” would become their benchmark sitcom for the next decades, redefining primetime comedy in the process.

Seinfeld is definitely one of the most successful sitcoms to ever run on television and will undoubtedly live on to entertain new generations for years to come. Every sitcom has the lovable doofus that provides comic relief. In “Friends,” it was Joey; in “The Flintstones,” it was Barney; and in Seinfeld, it was Kramer. Although all members of the Seinfeld cast were funny, watchers knew that a scene with Kramer was certain to provide a level of comedy that exceeded all other scenes. But who, exactly, was Kramer?

The character is loosely based on comedian Kenny Kramer, Larry David’s ex-neighbor across the hall. Kramer is the friend and neighbor of the main character Jerry, residing in Apartment 5B, and is friends with George and Elaine. Of the series’ four central characters, only Kramer has no visible means of support; what few jobs he holds seem to be nothing more than larks.

Seinfeld Cast

Cosmo Kramer was dubbed by Elaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to be a “hipster doofus,” which is, if you think about it, quite an interesting combination. A hipster is someone who has a unique sense of fashion and mannerisms, and a doofus is…. well… a doofus. Kramer’s hair, his way of dressing, and the occasional Cuban cigar, as well as his one-of-a-kind way of getting himself into a world of trouble, made him the comedic relief he was.

Played by Michael Richards, and based on “Seinfeld” creator, Larry David’s former neighbor, the character of Kramer is generally agreed to be one of the most entertaining television characters of all time. If you think you know enough about Cosmo Kramer, this quiz is for you. Complete the quiz below and invite your friends to compete with you in this Cosmo Kramer quiz.

The Hardest Cosmo Kramer Quiz

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