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The Hardest ‘New Girl’ Quiz

Hello! Welcome once again to another very interesting trivia. Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular shows—New Girl, which is one of the best modern-day sitcoms among comedy lovers. Centred around Jess and her friends who juggle love and life, the show gives a fresh perspective to companionship, love and friendship. Just like always, first, let’s take a look at the show’s most important aspects and then we will treat you with the hardest New Girl quiz. So let’s start.

‘New Girl’ became an instant hit among critics and the audience when it premiered in 2011 and the main reason for its success is its fresh treatment of an age-old concept. As we know, the show centres around a group of friends, Jess, Nick, Cece, Schmidt and Coach. So the concept is not so new but it is the character who makes us glued to the screens. First and most important—Jessica Day is the quirkiest and the cutest female lead ever created. And what’s best about her character is that she seems quite naïve in the initial episodes, but we see her change throughout the seven seasons of the show—in her personal as well as professional life. Of course, when we talk about Jess, we cannot forget the most supportive group of friends she has.

The fact that Jess’s friendship with everyone in the group is very fresh makes the relationships in the show even better. Sure, the gang has their ups and downs throughout the show but they end up being the best group of friends who love and support each other. The most important part of the show is the character’s relatability with the audience. As the show is directed towards the general audience, all the characters of the show are just normal people trying to get their act together and make up a good life. So they are obviously non-threatening and easily form a relationship with the audience. 

When we are talking about a sitcom, it would be a crime not to talk about its comedy. And ‘New Girl’ undoubtedly excels in this category. Among the ocean of sitcoms on air right now, this show has the best comedy. What’s different about ‘New Girl’ is that every character of the show has his/her different comic elements that make them stand out from each other. The sense of humour of every character is quite different from the others. The most hilarious has to be Schmidt! Do let us know who is your favourite character in the show in the comment section. We’d love to know!

Apart from being an excellent comedy, ‘New Girl’ is also a very good amalgamation of drama with comedy and some aspects of the show will leave you in tears, only to make you laugh out loud the next moment. Last but not the least, the show is so aesthetically pleasing that it’s impossible to not watch it once you start with it. 

So that was all why we love and adore ‘New Girl’. Now it’s time for you to take up the hardest New Girl Quiz and do not forget to share your scores in the comment section below!

The Ultimate New Girl Quiz

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