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New Girl Trivia: The Hardest Jessica Day Quiz

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another quiz on ‘New Girl’ and today’s quiz is focussed on the central character of the show—Jessica Day. No doubt that all the characters of the show are iconic but today we will talk about Jess and how this titular character binds the rest of the gang together. And as always, we will treat you with a hard Jessica Day quiz as well. First, let’s take a look at what makes Jess such a wholesome character.

One of the first and very important characteristics of Jess is her courageous spirit. She gets out of a relationship when her character is introduced to the audience. As it was a long-term relationship she has a hard time getting over it, but she makes a decision and moves on without looking back. She is not shy to take the help of her friend and tries to build a good relationship with everyone she meets.

Another very important quality that is very much highlighted in her character is her friendly nature. Jess is quick to make friends and after moving to the loft, she soon establishes a very good friendship with everyone. And throughout the seasons, we see her growing closer and closer to her friends. Like Jess, her friends also see her efforts and reciprocate her feelings. 

The most important thing about Jessica Day that cannot be left out while describing her character is her femininity. In a world where women try to act like men, Jessica is very much comfortable in her skin and does not shy away from showing it almost all the time. As the apartment comprises the three dudes, Jess brings a feminine touch to it making it livelier. Inherent optimism is also a very important characteristic of Jess’s character. She is the one person who sees the bright side of even the worst of situations and maybe that’s why she becomes instantly attractive to everyone. 

It would be wrong not to talk about Jess’s profession. Jess is an educator by profession and she is quite passionate about it and her overall character development depends on it. Throughout the seasons, she changes positions in this field but never leaves it. Ultimately, she becomes the principal of a school in the later seasons. Though Jess is quick-witted, bubbly and cheerful all the time, but she still gets serious over subjects that actually matter to her. And it would not be wrong to say that she likes to plan things in advance which is again a good quality.

Jess’s character comprises a bunch of contrasting characteristics. And that’s all about Jess Day. Now it’s time for you to take up the hardest Jessica Day quiz. Do let us know your scores in the comment section below. 

The Hardest Jessica Day Quiz

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