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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Best Friendships On The Show Ranked

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine gang is one big happy family. Over the eight seasons, we saw many friendships being formed in the precinct. Every character is given the chance to interact and form friendships with every other character, making for a more well-rounded show. In this article, let us have a look at some of the best friendships on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Here are the ten best friendships on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

10. Gina and Boyle

Gina Linetti and Charles Boyle have a complicated relationship as although Gina seems to find Charles unattractive she is willing to help him in times of need and the two previously has a casual relationship. Gina is the alpha to Boyle’s beta. The twist to their friendship was their parents’ marriage, after it became a sibling-like relationship.

9. Rosa and Holt

Rosa and Captain Holt developed a bond when she began dating his nephew. Once the relationship ended, they still had a closeness that never went away and only became deeper over time. At one point in season 3, Holt invited Rosa to walk into a frozen lake with him to celebrate Christmas. Holt also helped Rosa when her fiancé’s life was threatened and he had to flee.

8. Terry and Jake

Jake Peralta and Terry Jeffords share a special bonding. Jake proved that they are not just “Work friends” in Chocolate Milk. Peralta is also the Godfather to Terry’s daughter Ava Jeffords. When Terry realizes that Jake is unhappy because of his crush on Amy, he grabs a drink and helps Jake forget his sorrows with some drinks. Before long, the two are loudly singing together like every best friend duo does at some point.

7. Holt and Gina

Although Gina Linetti isn’t always the most attentive member of the Nine-Nine, her friendship with Holt is a special one. She convinces Holt not to quit when Madeline Wuntch transfers him to PR and forces him to wear a pigeon costume. Somehow Gina and Captain Holt manage to bring out both the best and the worst in each other. When Holt needs to muster his savage side, he calls on Gina. Likewise, when Gina needs tempering, Holt is there to guide her. This is one of the best friendships on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

6. Amy and Rosa

Compared to their other relationships, Rosa and Amy were not as close in season 1. Where Amy is loud and organized, Rosa is more quiet and outgoing. However, as the show progressed, we get to see more of their friendship. One of such moments was when Amy wants to try on wedding dresses during her break and Rosa supports her. Small things like this make their friendship a rich and amazing dynamic.

5. Jake and Holt

Their friendship began as a typical relationship between a captain and a detective. However, it evolved throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s eight seasons. Their friendship grew significantly during their days in witness protection in Palm Springs. Jake went from calling Holt a robot, to calling him “dad”. Holt went from viewing Jake as an immature kid to seeing Jake as his immature kid. This friendship/relationship holds a special place in the heart of the fans of B99.

4. Jake and Rosa

Rosa Díaz initially gives the impression of an insensitive detective who does not care much about emotional ties. However, as the show progresses, viewers see the real side of Rosa: the doting friend. One of the best Jake and Rosa moments is when she decides to come out as bisexual to her parents. She turns to Jake for support. When her parents don’t take the news well, Jake organizes a family game night with the nine-nine for her. Their relation is one of the best friendships on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

3. Jake and Boyle

Jake and Charles are one of the most prominent friendships on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Their friendship has undoubtedly been tested throughout the course of the seasons, but they have always come through difficult times with their relationship intact and, in many cases, even stronger than before. Charles even asks Jake to be the best man at his wedding to Vivian. Jake returns the favor when he marries Amy. Jake and Charles always have each other’s backs and never disregard the other.

2. Jake and Doug Judy

Jake and Doug Judy have a complicated relationship on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Sometimes they’re best friends, and other times they’re enemies. Pontiac Bandit is introduced as Jake’s nemesis. But a series of whacky antics places them in a position to better understand one another and develop a friendship. Even being on opposite sides, they both seem to care about each other. This is one of the best friendships on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

1. Hitchcock and Scully

Hitchcock and Scully are portrayed as best friends and partners in crime throughout the show. They are a little old and all they do is, sit, eat, do filthy things, and sleep. It was our privilege to get to know the duo and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Their food breaks, the habit of forgetting things, having several medical issues, and each detail about these characters are created with brilliance. They have been partners for thirty goddamn years and they plan so many sneaky schemes together.

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