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The Hardest Big Bang Theory Supporting Characters Quiz

Hey fellas! Welcome to your one-stop destination for all the amazing quizzes on your favorite T.V. shows. Today we are here with the hardest Big Bang Theory supporting characters quiz. The show is known for its unique concept that had a lot of versatile actors in the lead roles. But besides having a lot of brilliant actors in the leading roles the show had many versatile actors in the supporting roles as well. So, let’s talk about how ‘The Big Bang Theory was a unique show with the most brilliant supporting actors.

The show is often called to be the most-watched and loved show after ‘Friends’. The show ended in 2019 after a series of 12 long seasons that were very well received by the audience. As a matter of fact, the show is the longest-running sitcom of all time. But what makes this show worth watching? The answer is its amazing supporting actors. We understand, to be successful any show must have good lead actors but to be evergreen the show must have equally talented and passionate supporting actors as well.

When it comes to talking about the supporting actors of the show, Stuart has to be number one on the list. Played Kevin Sussman, the character was hilarious in every possible way. With his poker face, geeky nature, and awkward style he did made us all laugh out loud every time he was on screen. The next supporting character which needs to be mentioned is Barry Kripke. Didn’t you just his voice in your head? Besides being an arch-enemy of Sheldon, he is also the most memorable character of the show.

The amazing character of the show is our experimental physicist’s ruthless mother Beverly Hofstader who may have made Leonard’s life miserable but she gave us a lot of instances of rolling up laughter. Her mere presence and gestures are more than enough to make us laugh. Similarly, the role of Mary Cooper is a complete contrast of her but equally hilarious in every sense. Especially the time when they come face to face, they are at their best. These two have to be the best recurring characters of the show.

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

So, these were some of the best supporting characters of the show, but now it’s time to see who was the best-supporting charters. And it’s none other than the world’s most respected scientist Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking appeared on the show a couple of times. And it was after we saw him on the show we got to know how humorous a scientist could be in real life and that made Leonard and Sheldon’s characters even more real.

Apart from all these amazing actors mentioned above, other remarkable characters of the show include Lucy, Emily, Bert, Leslie, Alex, Mrs. Wolowitz which we definitely wanted to see more. But now it’s time to take up the Big Bang Theory supporting characters quiz and don’t forget to tell your score in the comments.

TBBT Supporting Characters Quiz

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