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Who Said It? Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quotes Quiz

Brooklyn Nine-nine is all set to release its eighth and last season in August. And we cannot be more excited about its release! Amid this excitement, we thought why don’t we revive your memories of the previous seasons with an interesting Brooklyn Nine-nine quiz. So here is the Ultimate Brooklyn Nine-nine quotes quiz that only die-hard fans of the show can answer correctly.

Brooklyn Nine-nine is one such show that has gained so much popularity all over the world. Not only it is loved by the millennials but it is adored by people of all the generation. We saw how everyone supported the show when it was to be canceled after a few seasons. But the because of the show’s superb writing and performance the show was renewed and all the credit goes to the show’s fans who came in support of the show when it needed its viewers most. So today, we are going to talk a little bit about the show’s awesome dialogues and how the actors have made these dialogues so famous through their awesome performances. So let’s start.

One of the most important things about the show is its unique dialogues. I mean whoever thought we would start calling ‘noice’ in place of ‘nice’ but the show made us say everything. And indeed, the writing of the show is fabulous. One of the most important characters whose dialogues we all remember has to be Jake Peralta.

Jake’s dialogues are the coolest, not because he says cool a lot but because whatever he says he owns it. His dialogues seem to be a perfect combination of stupidity and intelligence, all at the same time. Equally marvelous are the dialogues of Holt as well. Though there is no similarity between Holt and Jake’s way of delivering dialogues! But Holt’s expressionless face makes his gags even more hilarious. 


One of the most notable things about the dialogues of Brooklyn Nine-nine is that there is a perfect balance between all kinds of dialogues. You will never feel any dialogue over the top that brings a cringe to the scene. No, all the dialogues are pretty decent and that is the hallmark of good writing. Last but not the least, the show’s actors have to be credited for delivering their dialogues so effortlessly and smoothly that it makes us fall in love with the characters. The actor’s style does affect the dialogues and we can surely say that all the actors made the dialogues sound even better than by their acting. 

So these are a few things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its dialogues that have become a part of meme culture. But now it’s time for you to tell us how well you remember your favorite characters’ dialogues from the show. So, scroll down and do take up the Brooklyn Nine-Nine quotes quiz and let us know your scores in the comments.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quotes Quiz

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