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The Hardest Sergio Marquina a.k.a The Professor Quiz

We are here with the hardest Sergio Marquina, AKA The Professor from Money Heist Quiz today, and we couldn’t be more excited. For anyone who doesn’t know who The Professor is, please go and watch Money Heist right now, or the fans will hunt you down, kidnap you, and lock you in a room. Yes, the fans won’t open the door till you watch the series, finish it, and become one of us. Dark humor apart, The role of the Professor has been portrayed by _______. Well, that’s one of our questions, and we are not going to give you the answers just like that. The Professor was the brains behind the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain. The Professor oversaw the Bank of Spain’s robbery as well, which by the way, was planned by Berlin.

The Professor is shown to be a very cunning, clever, and exceptionally brainy architect, who managed to control this huge Money Heist without even being with the other members. The best thing about The Professor was how he tackled the police and made sure that his tactics made the police dance on his fingertips. The Professor also managed to get close to Raquel Murillo, who was the lead inspector during the time of the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain. He got close to her by creating a false identity, and he went by the name ‘Salvador.’ We also witnessed that these two fell in love with each other and Raquel joined the gang of Money Heist, and changed her name to ‘Lisbon.’ The robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain was the plan of The Professor’s father. His father died during a robbery as he got shot by the police. On the other hand, the Bank of Spain’s robbery was Berlin’s idea: The Professor’s brother.

When it comes to how The Professor looked in Money Heist, he had a mustache and also a beard. His hair was long and black, in season-1. However, they were a little short later. He was always seen wearing a very formal suit and in various other disguises, which were a part of the heist. In short, The Professor was a handsome man, with intelligence and intellect. He was planning the heist since many, and he appeared to be very determined to act upon it. He created his dream team and made them go through rules, routines, and other important things in order to prepare them for the heist. He created various scenarios in his head and made sure that his team was prepared for each one of them.

The Professor also had impeccable skills of negotiating, strategy, among other very tactful skills. The Professor also had a very deep and intense understanding of how the human mind works and human psychology. All of his predictions were based on how the police and inspectors will react to his actions. His skills played a massive role in ensuring that the heist was a success. Moreover, The Professor had a very calm presence, which made him look like a very confident man. The Professor had one rule, no spilling of blood, and he stuck by his morals, which made him an even impressive man.

The Professor took every step after a lot of thought, and he calculated each and everything before making any move. This ensured that he jumped to the correct conclusions. He made very crucial decisions and handled immediate situations appropriately. The Professor was also shown to be doing boxing and other intense forms of physical training while he was hiding. But enough already! We have said enough, and now, it is time for us to test your love for Money Heist, or should we say, The Professor. Get ready to indulge in this fun, yet the hardest Money Heist Quiz EVERRRR. We are super excited about this one, are you? So let’s get started and see if you can ace the quiz or if you’ll have to watch the show again!! Hehe.


The Hardest Sergio Marquina AKA The Professor Quiz

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