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The Office Trivia : The Ultimate Darryl Philbin Quiz

Darryl Philbin is a character in the series The Office. Portrayed by Craig Robinson, the character has a relaxed and comical effect on the show. Though his role did not have a significant effect on the office initially, as the show progressed, Darryl became one of the reasons for the corporate’s success. And in this article, we will your knowledge about him in this Darryl Philbin Quiz.

Darryl, despite having a cool and comical role, has an important post in the office and is also very competent at it. It is because of his responsible side, that he has a cold reaction towards his not-so-very careful boss Michael. Michael on the other hand invites all the sarcasm directed towards him because he wants to fit in with the cool people of the office.

As far as Darryl’s love life is considered, he is a divorcee. He also has a daughter, (won’t disclose her name it’s a part of the Quiz!) and she happens to be one of his favorites in life. Through the series he dates more women, two to be exact, but none of them last till the end.

At the end of the show, Darryl gets a very high post, because of his way of handling problems. He does make a silly mistake at the end of the interview, (a very comical mistake), but the mistake was not grave enough to cover up his ideas. His character gets a very mature feel as he reconciles with his wife, as she moves in with Austin, along with their daughter.

So, are you ready to take this Darryl Philbin quiz? There are 30 questions in this quiz and you need to answer atleast 24, in order to pass. We wish you all the best.

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The Ultimate Darryl Philbin Quiz

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