10 Best ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Episodes Ever To Rewatch

All good things must come to an end, and the same is true about ‘The Big Bang Theory’. One of the most loved Sitcoms of all time ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has came to an end after 12 seasons of laughter and entertainment. Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette became a part of our lives over the years. In memory of this great show, today we will have a look at some of the best ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episodes ever to rewatch.

Considering the script, comedy, ratings etc, here are the 10 Best ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Episodes Ever.

6. The Adhesive Duck Deficiency S3 E8

While Leonard, Howard and Raj are off camping to observe the Leonid meteor shower, Sheldon is at home doing work. It’s lucky for Penny that Sheldon did stay behind as she dislocated her shoulder when she slipped taking a shower. She is immobile in her bathtub. She yells loud enough for Sheldon to hear and for him to come help her.

On Penny’s pleas, Sheldon agrees to drive her to the emergency room, despite he only holding a learner’s permit and never having driven an actual automobile. Will Sheldon do better behind the wheel of an actual car than he has on his driving simulator?

Meanwhile, the guys accidentally get stoned by some cookies in the desert while waiting for the Leonid Meteor Shower.

5. The Bow Tie Asymmetry S11 E24

Sheldon and Amy’s wedding is just days away, with all their friends handling everything for them so that they can focus on what they need to. Something unexpected happens to Howard which affects the wedding in a way that Howard hopes will please Sheldon, but may irk someone else with a key role in the wedding.

When Amy’s parents and Sheldon’s family arrive, everybody is focused to make sure all wedding arrangements go according to plan – everyone except the bride and groom. Sheldon and Amy can only think of something else, all stemming from Amy’s comment to Sheldon that in tying his bow tie, it should be asymmetrical and not symmetrical like he is trying to tie it.

4. The Staircase Implementation S3 E22

Leonard tells Penny the story of how he met Sheldon, Raj and Howard and what happened to break their elevator.

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