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10 Best Websites to Learn Different Languages Online

Doors to unending opportunities open easy as a person becomes fluent in different languages. The first step towards realization of dreams is to know the language. Gaining knowledge of new language helps in enhancing memory, listening and speaking skills and improving ones comprehension. The very advantage is that a person stands out as a distinct figure. Moreover, one may get unlimited career choices. Do you feel it difficult to learn a new language? We are bringing ten websites to make a task lot easier. 

Here are the 10 Best Websites to Learn Different Languages Online –

1. ESLPod

This website is very useful for new learners of English language. It is designed to provide some audio lessons for listening and some reading material for reading. The learner is bound to go through three steps, Firstly, he listens to a conversation on learning speed. Secondly, the difficult points in the conversation are explained. Finally, the process of conversation ends with re-listening at a normal speed. It is expected that by practicing, serious learner may improve his language speaking ability within a couple of days. By adopting this technique the learner works on three aspects of language, namely, vocabulary, pronunciation and language structure.

2. Engvid

When a person intends to learn a new language, it is important for him to know the grammar of that language first because without grammar structure making cannot be done. In this regard, the quote of David Crystal will definitely support my view, he says “Grammar is what give sense to language. Sentences makes words yield up their meaning. Sentences actively create sense in language. And the business of the study of sentences is grammar” The website is run by native English teachers who teach the language on three levels. Namely, the beginners, intermediates and explanations. Moreover, the website also offers free test preparation for TOEFL and IELTS etc.

3. Surfacelanguage

Surface Languages is offering forty five languages (45) languages to learn. Its strategy of this website is to keep its learners in a lighter environment. The environment is very effective and interesting because the

learner finds a couple of sentences in his native language and the meaning of similar sentences in target language with appropriate pronunciation and necessary explanation. By doing so, the learner develops an ability to play games and maintain flashcards easily.

4. Internet Polyglot

As the name indicates the website helps the people to become polyglot means, “a person knowing several languages”. This website is providing free services for learning different languages. It is designed to help the learner to easily connect his mother language to the target language. Moreover it makes the learning fun, a bit logical and interesting as it has added several mind games as well.


5. Edx

Edx is one of the biggest MOOC (massive open online course) website created by university experts. It offers a lot of college-level courses, taught by actual professors of different top universities. The learner has the choice to take a language class or select any course of a target language. For example: to get a verified certificate for completing a course (just make sure to check the details before signing up), But still many courses offered on the website are without any charges.

6. Alison

Alison offers nine languages to learn. Each of the nine languages include at least one introductory course and other than this there are a couple of advanced and detailed courses. The learner has to choose the type of course he wants to go through. The learner will be awarded a free of cost certificate if he completes all the course assignments with at least 80% marks.

7. Italki

The site Italki is one of the best considered sites that provides the effective techniques to practice language skills online. It offers one on one lessons from native language teachers. The site covers eighteen (18) different languages with a wide range of expert teachers. The choice of selecting teacher and package exclusively rests with the learner. This site not only provides native language speaking teachers but also allows the learners to exchange their partners via Skype. Moreover the learners also have access to their learning community. This access option allows the learner to interact with other countries learners.

8. Lang8

Lang8 is a language exchange social networking website for the new language learners. There are approximately over 750,000 users, the website covers 190 countries in 90 languages. The website empowers the users to post in the language(s) they are learning. Moreover the posts will also appear to native speakers of that language for correction. The correction features include color coding, bold and strikethrough etc.

9. Polyglotclub

Languages are meant to communicate with others. Human being is a social animal which cannot live without communication with other human beings. Usually people make friends to have fun with. Apart of that the languages makes the way lot easier. As the name polyglot indicates, the club has a number of members speaking different languages. The website facilitates the learner to practice target language with native speakers. The registration for this website is free. After registration the person may have access to learning clips, chat rooms and language tests. In addition to that there is an online forum that connect people of different cultural backgrounds and support learning process effectively. The option of polyglot calendar presents the date, time and place of local language activities to facilitate the people in participating in meetings and events of their choice

10. BBC languages

BBC languages website offers free information and learner resources for 40 world languages. It helps language newbie with courses, phrases, audio and video recordings, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and finally relevant tests. Moreover the website has added children section. The languages offered has an extensive links to target language media (like TV streaming services, online newspapers and magazines in French, Chinese and Greek). The kinds of resources offered vary from language to language, but most overviews and phrasebooks, as well as BBC’s own introductory lessons.

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