10 Best Foods for Clear and Glowing Skin

I’m pretty sure that none of you goes into the kitchen to make your skin pretty and glowing. But all of you run towards your vanity table for that purpose. Buying expensive beauty regime is a given, especially for women. But little do they know, their kitchen already has all the food that is needed to fix their skin’s beauty. This is a fact that you won’t get beautiful skin from a ‘beauty bottle’ for a longer time, because beauty starts from within. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best foods for clear and glowing skin.

Don’t worry if you have acne or going through pre-mature aging, this list of ’10 best foods for clear and glowing skin’, is really going to help you out.


10. Carrots

Best Foods for Clear and Glowing Skin


Carrots are magic wands. They are not only good for your skin but also to your eyes. It has so much beta-carotene and Vitamin A, that keeps your skin from breaking out, also keeps away from an overproduction of cells in your skin. Vitamin A is beneficial for preventing skin cancer cells.


9. Avocados

Best Foods for Clear and Glowing Skin


The only food that is being called as ‘magic potion to get gorgeous’. Every shampoo has this ingredient in it. The reason? Its fatty acid, these acids keep your skin moisturized and flexible. They have certain elements that protect your skin from the sun damage. They also reduce the wrinkles on your skin. Thus keeps you forever young.


8. Chia seeds

Best Foods for Clear and Glowing Skin


These seeds are very small in size and are full of fiber, protein and Omega 3. These are super amazing to your skin and hair. These seeds keep you full for a longer period because they absorb water when soaked in it and gets their weight the double.


7. Dark Chocolate


It is a myth that chocolate causes acne. In fact, some studies have shown the results that they protect your skin from sun rays. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which are for anti-aging and keeps your skin free of wrinkles. It also makes you happy. So you’ll look good when you’ll feel good.


6. Fish

Best Foods for Clear and Glowing Skin


Not just fish, but fatty fish. Salmon and herring fishes are full of fats that are good for healthy skin. They have a high quantity of omega 3 fatty acids in them, which is beneficial for the health of your skin.


5. Spinach


Spinach has the triple quantity of wrinkle-fighting antioxidants, for example, Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene. Also, keep you protected in sunlight as they fight from UV rays. Make sure to eat spinach in salads.


4. Walnuts


Too many characteristics can be found in walnuts that are excellent for your skin. They have that kind of fatty acids, which your body is incapable to make. They are full of zinc, which is helpful for you to heal the wounds itself. They also have vitamin E and C in a little quantity.


3. Berries

Best Foods for Clear and Glowing Skin


Berries are full of anti-inflammatory components that protect you from getting older.  Moreover, they are fully loaded with vitamin C, which makes your skin smooth and firm. It should be eaten in breakfast or make a smoothie of it.


2. Soy


It has isoflavones, that benefits many parts of your body, including the skin. According to a study, a middle-aged woman eating soy everyday found having a reduced amount of wrinkles on her skin.


1. Flaxseeds


Again, it has a huge quantity of omega 3 fatty acids in it, which is too good for you. These fatty acids can cure acne and eczema. You should eat flaxseeds in a grounded form so that your body absorbs all its benefits.

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