10 Simple Healthy Foods To Add In Our Diet

Healthy food sounds boring, doesn’t it? But this is something that you should be eating every day in the proper amount. Everybody gets fascinated by the term ‘yummy’ food. Because those people consider junk food ‘yummy’. Regular in-take of those foods can harm our body in many ways. They also deprive us of nutrients that makes our hair thick, skin glow, bones strong etc. We must look for healthy foods to add in our diet.

We should eat foods that serves the purpose of providing proper nourishment and helps in cutting down unwanted fat. Below, we have piled up a list of 10 simple healthy foods to add in our diet.


Healthy Foods To Add In our Diet

Yogurt comes first in the list because of the fact that it is full of nutrients. When we say full, it means calcium even more than a glass of milk. It is also good for your immune system and fights off cancer.


Healthy Foods To Add In our Diet

You should take tomatoes in salads during or before meals. They are red in color, which means they are full of the antioxidant lycopene, that can reduce the diseases of bladder, skin, and lungs.

Chicken broth:

Chicken broth is a kind of soup that is being consumed for many years with so many benefits that make your bones, skin, and nails stronger. Chicken broth is used in so many recipes easily that you can make it every day.


They have a very high quantity of fiber and minerals like magnesium and potassium. They provide you a slower and sustained releasing of energy all day. That keeps you charged up for the whole day.


They are in dark green color which has vitamin A, C and K, to add a cherry on the top, it has fiber, calcium, and iron also. They help you in losing weight and keep your diabetes in control. It also keeps you away from the disease of cancer.


Healthy Foods To Add In our Diet

This is a big source of protein. From just an egg, you can get 70 calories and proteins of 6 grams. The yolk of an egg can keep your eyes perfect and healthy. The egg-whites are nearly pure protein, so if you are cutting off calories, you can still consume egg-whites and get good amount of protein.


Healthy Foods To Add In our Diet

It is a perfect superfood that is being eaten in breakfast. By eating oats, you can have more fiber intake, which most of us lack in our diet. It keeps us full for a longer time. The main benefit of having oats is they have no added sugar in it. So, we can call it a perfectly healthy food.


Nuts are full of healthy fats, which is beneficial for the health of your heart. They keep your insulin level in control. Insoluble fiber can only be found in nuts that make you stay healthy. You should eat a handful amount of nuts every day, as a snack.


Everybody knows that it has a good amount of Vitamin C in it. A big glass of orange juice is enough to provide you a full day’s energy. It makes white blood cells in your body and fights your infections off. It makes your skin glow and smooth.

Green Tea:

According to some studies, regularly drinking green tea can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. They make your teeth healthier and bones stronger. You must be thinking how? Because it has flavonoids that are rich in antioxidants. Just make sure you drink it freshly brewed.

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