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10 Simple Beauty Tips To Enhance Your Skin Glow

Are you struggling to get a glowing skin? Don’t you worry girl(or boy); I got your back. At some point or the other we all have struggled to get that flawless Instagram worthy skin with a 100watt glow, and that too natural. Achieving a clear glass skin with a natural glow is harder than passing any exam. Moreover, hectic work schedules and rapid increase in the global pollution has multiplied skin problems enormously. Here I’ll share some very simple tips that worked really well for me. I swear none of these would be heavy on your pocket.

10. Pinch Your Cheeks

If your face looks dull and pale in the morning pinch your cheeks a few times and slightly pat your face with your palms. This will give a tint of red on your cheeks as the blood circulation would increase, and will eventually make your skin glow and look healthier.

9. Ice Facial

Ever heard about the ice facial? No? Don’t worry I got your back. Take a large bowl and fill it with ice cold water and some ice cubes. Dive your whole face in the bowl and hold it for as long as you can. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times.

8. Use Rosewater

Every now and then splash your face with cold rosewater. Store it inside the refrigerator in a spray bottle and use it like a face mist or toner. It will reduce weary look of your skin and make it appear fresh and shiny.

7. Apply Milk

Applying raw milk on your bare face every night is a glow-boosting trick. Just take a small cotton ball, dip it in cold raw milk and apply on your face and leave overnight. This will reduce hyperpigmentation and make your skin glow.

6. Massage Your Face

Gently massage your face with nourishing oils-sweet almond, jojoba, coconut and olive oils are good choices. Massage your face with your fingertips before sleeping and leave it overnight. This will increase the blood circulation and make your face glow from within.

5. Healthy Diet

Consuming a diet rich in a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables can help develop a glow naturally. Moreover, consuming eight to twelve ounces of water daily is essential. It will clear toxins from your body fluids and make your skin appear shiny and fresh.

4. Beauty Sleep

If your face looks weary and tired most of the time, it is probably because don’t get enough sleep. Sleeping at least eight hours everyday is essential. Sleep can help reduce sag, puffiness and eyebags. Beauty sleep will give your skin a fresh glow.

3. Honey and Lemon

Your mama must have told you how honey and lemon used to be her best friends in her teenage. This super old formula still works wonders! Just add a few drops of lemon to a teaspoon of raw honey and apply it all over your face. This will make your skin glass clear.

2. Face Steam

Steaming your face every once in a while, is the best way to deep cleanse your face. It removes toxins, gets rid of whiteheads and blackheads, and prevents acne. Plus, it saves your time and money. I mean who wouldn’t want that?

1. Apply Vitamin-E

Take any Vitamin-E capsule burst it and before you go to sleep apply the sticky gel on your cheeks, scars and spots if you have any. It will not only help reduce scars but will also give you a beautiful glow every morning.


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