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10 Best Horror Web Series To Must Watch

A horror show is something that everyone dreads to watch yet they still watch it with holding a bag of popcorns in a dimly lit room. Even those who make such shows find it challenging enough.  And when they end up making it finally, and if it turns out fantastic, then the challenge is completed. Most of us love to watch horror shows, but occasionally we love to watch a lot of horrors including zombies and vampires.

For that purpose, Netflix offers you a massive selection of horror series, from classics like The Twilight Zone to modern rating juggernauts like American Horror Story.

We will save your energy from digging out the best horror web series, as we have already found them out for you. Let’s read more.

10. The Haunting Of Hill House

Creator:  Mike Flanagan.

Mike once again didn’t fail his audience and presented his most ambitious project with The Haunting Of Hill House. This horror show focuses on the haunted lives of the Crain family. Mike is known as a professional in creating upset visuals, but his success in The Haunting Of Hill House is way beyond words, like how he has gripped the horror scenes into a deep, intertwining story of a family in the tragedy.

9. American Horror Story

Best Horror Web Series

Creator: Ryan Murphy

It is an anthology horror TV series focusing on different characters and locations, with a haunting house, an insane asylum, a hotel, a possessed farmhouse and lots of more. The kind of show which lets you scream on top of your lungs.

8. iZombie

Creators: Rob Thomas and Dianne Ruggiero

A girl named Liz, who has her everything perfect, like her job, fiancé, and she loses it all after transforming into a zombie. But hey, no Walking Dead situation here at all. She’s all zombie but can walk, talk, think, act and feel totally like a human, only IF she’s eating human brains.

7. Stranger Things

Creators: Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer

 It is an American science fiction TV show which is based in a fictional town of Hawkins, in the 1980s, which involved an investigation of a boy went missing, with supernatural events going on in the town. If you are not into pre-teen awkwardness, then it is not for you. But if you loved season 1, then you are going to finish all its episodes in one go.

6. Penny Dreadful

Best Horror Web Series

Creators: John Logan

It is a very disturbing tribute to Victorian horror mixes. Like Dracula who is telling a story of Malcolm Murray, a former explorer who is in a search of his family, with the help of a mysterious woman Vanessa.

5. Bates Motel

Best Horror Web Series

Creators: Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin.

In this show, Norman Bates is a psycho sympathetic. He’s displaying his character as a confused teenager to a schizophrenic maniac. The character of his mother is equally played very brilliantly. Of course, his mother’s story has to end tragically. It is infused with a haunted history that makes it impossible not to watch.

4. Crazy Head

Creator: Howard Overman

The title is pretty much telling its story. If some people are really seeing demons and monsters but at the same time are suffering from a psychological problem that is making it impossible to make others believe. With a touch of humor, this show is definitely gonna hook you up.

3. The Walking Dead

Best Horror Web Series

Creator: Frank Darabont

Third on our list of ‘best horror web series’ is the Walking Dead. It has become one of the high rated horror show. Despite the fact that it is bogged down in places occasionally the show always seems to rebound with a moment of incredible pathos, even for iconic villains such as David Morrissey’s Governor.

2. Black Mirror

Creator: Charlie Brooker

The title is almost perfect, which is explained by Charlie Brooker: “The black mirror of the title is the one you’ll find on every wall, on every desk, in the palm of every hand: the cold, shiny screen of a TV, a monitor, a smartphone.”

1. Supernatural

Best Horror Web Series

Creator: Eric Kripke

One of the best among all time best horror web series is Supernatural. It’s not a small thing for a show like Supernatural to keep going on, even after a decade spent giving all manner of monsters. It is a story of two brothers on a mission to protect the innocent from evil in all its sundry forms— ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, the occasional wendigo or djinn, zombies.

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