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10 Best Web Series to Watch on Netflix

Nowadays Netflix is ruling the media industry because of its exceptional lineup and extended series. It has been able to produce compelling original stories catering all genres. Here is a list of 10 best tv shows that you can binge watch on Netflix.

10. You

You is an American psychological thriller series which is the story of a New York book manager Joe Goldberg who falls in love at first sight with a customer Guinevere Beck; a graduate and an aspiring writer. He does all that he can to gain her affection even if that means killing her ex-boyfriend and friends.

9. Narcos

Known as the Netflix’s druglord saga Narcos is a strutting story about Pablo Escobar and the Colombian cocaine trade. It is not an ordinary gangster drama series but a masterpiece of its own kind.

8. Money Heist

If you haven’t heard this name before is probably because it’s a Spanish-language show. The plot revolves around a group of proficient criminals that conspire to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. The mask wearing Heist crew are under the guidance of the master mind who calls himself The Professor. It is not any simple cash grab series but also involves a lot of psychological games and interpersonal conflicts. A must watch!

7. Crown

An enthralling and a majestic show about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It covers all the aspect of Queen Elizabeth’s life from her younger years to her reign. It is quite captivating because of its remarkable storyline and stunning shots with its flawless recreation of everything from the throne room in The Buckingham Palace to a 1950s hospital ward.

6. Peaky Blinders

A show about how Shelby Family becomes a well-known family in Birmingham, after the former WW1 soldier Tomy Shelby and his family returns to the gritty city. It involves excessive drinking, fighting and several clever plots as Tommy Shelby gains power. It is extremely appealing to true fans of gangster genre.

5. House of Cards

A story of Congressman Frank Underwood and his equally ruthless wife Claire Underwood. Frank is passed over for appointment as Secretary of State so he initiates an elaborate plan to attain power, aided by Claire. Claire shares both his husband’s ruthless cold-hearted pragmatism and lust for power and they often scheme together to ensure the success of each other’s venture.

4. Glow

This show focuses on a group of unconventional women who somehow end up on the women’s wrestling tv show. It is very entertaining and is surely going to brighten up your day with its humor and will have you on the mat laughing.

3. Orange is The New Black

OITNB could be your next Netflix addiction. The comedy drama is about a woman Piper Chapman who is sentenced to jail. The story revolves around chapman and the other inmates of the prison and how they grapple around the prison’s struggles often involving flashbacks of events from various inmates’ and guards’ past. It has both culture-crash-cringe comedy and real human stories that keeps you hooked.

2. Stranger Things

An American science fiction horror web series that will send shivers down your spine. It is quite engaging and has the right amount of drama. Stranger Things hit every note necessary to motivate a weekend-long Netflix binge.

1. Black Mirror

Finally, Netflix’s most celebrated show- Black Mirror. A science fiction anthology that examines modern society particularly its unanticipated consequences of new technologies. A thought-provoking show that will compel you to think about technology in a different way. An insightful watch!

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