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Best Sitcoms Of The 20th Century – Top 10

  1. Everybody Loves Raymond

Raymond is an Italian American who enjoys his life. A successful sportswriter with a loving wife, he doesn’t take anything seriously and often cracks jokes in situations no matter how serious it maybe. But that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a sitcom does it? The only problem is that his parents live across the street with his elder brother. His mother loves meddling in his life, while his father provides no input other than his sarcastic comments and his fridge raiding. To top it off, his elder brother is resentful of his success. Debra’s complaints of Raymond’s overbearing family serve as the shows comedic element as well as Ray’s inability to solve confrontations which may involve his mother. Ray and his brother’s fights make them seem like overgrown children. That is the recipe for a perfect sitcom.

  1. King of Queens

They say threes a crowd and Doug and Carrie might just agree. Doug and Carrie are a working class couple living in Queens, New York. Doug seems to have it all, he’s the king of house. He has his basement with his beloved TV and friends to watch it with. But nothing stays perfect, especially when Carrie’s goofball of a father moves in with them!

  1. Simpsons

Everyone’s favorite American family, the dysfunctional Simpsons are a satirical take on working-class families. Homer is a loveable but utter idiot who shirks off all familial responsibility. Marge is over controlling but the glue that holds the family together. Bart is the proud underachiever fourth grader who often finds himself in the middle of trouble while Lisa is an 8 year old genius who is often under looked. Each episode shows the family in a new dilemma which is hilariously relatable. If not for the comedy, you can watch The Simpsons for their uncanny ability to predict major events way before they actually happened in the real world.  

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