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Best Sitcoms Of The 20th Century – Top 10

     2. Friends

The show follows six 20 something year olds who live in the heart of New York City. Over the course of ten years this group of average, struggling adults, make their way through life and whatever is throws at them. From failing romances to happily ever after’s, whack job families, struggling careers, fights and laughter the group make their way through life learning the importance of true friendships.  

  1. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is one of the most popular sitcoms of the 90’s and for good reason too. The series follows a group of friends as they make their lives with hilarious misadventures happening in the most relatable ways possible. The group consists of Jerry Seinfeld, a standup comedian, George Costanza, a down on his luck member of the New York Yankees organization, Elaine Benes, a bold book editor who is never afraid to speak her mind (even if it gets her in trouble) and Cosmo Kramer who for all intents and purposes is simply a goofball. The series follows them as they navigate through romantic, professional and just your everyday life encounters. 

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