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Breaking Bad Trivia: The Ultimate Jesse Pinkman Quiz

Welcome to another edition of the Breaking Bard trivia and today we will test your knowledge about one of the main characters of the show, Jesse Pinkman. The ex-student of Walter White and his partner in crime, Jesse is a very well-written character who contributes substantially not only to Walt’s personal story but also to the overall story of the show. Before starting the ultimate Jesse Pinkman quiz, let’s dive into the major key aspects of Jesse Pinkman and how he stands out as a character.

The most important aspect of Jesse’s character is that he is not a good student. But that doesn’t mean he is not smart. He knows to make things work for him by hook or by crook. After his business blows up, he is asked by Walt to start a meth-cooking business, which startles him. Hesitantly, he accepts the offer and there starts the amazing relationship between Walt and Jesse. In a way, Walt and Jesse are quite similar to each other. Both of them are broke, both financially, emotionally, and socially. Of course, Walt is in much more agony as he is suffering from cancer but the emotional trauma Jesse goes through is much worse.

The fans of the show describe Jesse as the heart of the show and deservingly so. Jesse is not a bad person at heart, he often seems like an adult with the heart of a child. Jesse may be in the drug business, but he does not do anything for no reason. He knows that his actions have consequences, so he tries to never involve any innocent soul in his business. The most frequent example is the empathy he shares for women and children. No matter how dangerous the situations are, he always tries to protect them.

Especially when it comes to children, we see a totally different side of Jesse. His bond with his brother and every other child he encounters provides a deep reflection of his pure intentions. Jesse may be in Walt’s operation, but he is way different than Walt. And it is reflected in the fact that he breaks all the ties with Walt’s business after the murder of the unsuspecting kid in “Heist”. A very important reason why Jesse has such a connection with children is that he himself never got the affection he wanted. This may have made him resentful, but Jesse seems to make sure he doesn’t make others feel what he has experienced.

As the show progresses, Jesse and Walt develop a father-son relationship. But Jesse’s contribution in it is genuine whereas Walt mostly manipulates him but that is true to some extent only as Walt does call Jesse ‘son’ a couple of times. But it would not be wrong to say that Jesse is also abused by Walter both emotionally and psychologically to a great extent. All this makes their relationship a complicated one and Jesse a highly complex character.

So this was our take on Jesse Pinkman. Now, let’s jump to the ultimate Jesse Pinkman quiz, and do let us know your scores in the comment section. 

The Ultimate Jesse Pinkman Quiz

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  • You have an incorrect answer in the Jesse quiz. It was his aunt who had lung cancer, not his mother.


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