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Community Trivia : The Ultimate Abed Nadir Quiz

Welcome friends to another trivia post. In this article, we will quiz you about Abed Nadir from the Community. But before we start the ultimate Abed Nadir quiz, let us look into some of the details about the character.

Community makes you truly feel warm and happy. It takes the world’s problems and makes fun of them or uses the clichés in a way that has never been done before in television. It is a successful sitcom of six-season, and if the credit of this success has to give someone, then Abed Nadir would be everyone’s first choice. 

Abed Nadir is an exception among all the characters of his group. His character is just a pure genius. Abed is kind, creative, funny, vibrantly, and curious about life, also weird as screw in all the best ways, and becomes your best friend the moment you know him. Being a big dork can be compensated by his immense fascination with TV and movies that keep the audiences coming back to the show. His encyclopedias knowledge of pop culture and continued reference of movies never left without being getting impressed peoples. 

Abed has an infatuation with pop culture and makes terrible movies that unveil many of his buried emotional truth. He’s rigid and aloof, yet utterly naive. He constantly repeats the phrase “Cool Cool cool cool,” like a troubled owl, and he does a lot of vague, fish-eyed staring and subtle head-cocking. Also, Abed can connect with the people around him only by imagining that they’re all in a film or television show. When his buddies compel him to flirt, he channels Mad Men’s Don Draper; when he dresses up as Batman for Halloween, he transforms into an actual superhero.

Moreover, Abed is fiercely loyal and loves his friends, even though he has a hard time expressing it. Again, this can be seen in one of the show’s first episodes, where he sits in a room for 26 hours continuously because Annie asked him to do it as a friend. Also, in the Glee episode, he tries to get his friends to celebrate Christmas because he wants the year to go better. Overall, I would say the show is very enjoyable and the character of Abed Nadir is very loveable. 

Enough with the info, let us now begin the ultimate Abed Nadir quiz from the community show. If you can answer all the questions, then you are the biggest fan of the show.

The Ultimate Abed Nadir Quiz

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