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Friends Trivia : The Ultimate Ross Geller Quiz

Whether it’s his famous “Unagi” moment with Rachel and Phoebe or a drunk Ross convincing his friends and Charlie that he is fine, we have so many Ross moments that make us double in laughter every time we watch it. And today, we will test your knowledge on the very same character. But before we begin the ultimate Ross Geller quiz, let us look into some details.

Friends is evergreen and no matter how many times you watch it, you are definitely going to enjoy every moment of it. What makes this show unique is that although it simply revolves around the life of 6 friends living in New York, the show is highly relatable which makes it crazily popular among its fans. And the most surprising part is, even after 30 years, it continues to impress new generations of fans every decade.

Ross Geller Quiz

Coming back to Ross Geller’s character, he had something special that no other character had. While Joey had his charm and Chandler has sarcasm, Ross had impeccable timing with his subtle remarks and hilarious expressions. Remember the time when he had his leather pants stuck on his legs? Or even the time when he was jealous seeing Joey and Rachel together? While these scenes will be plain and dull with any other character, David Schwimmer’s acting and his facial expression took these scenes to a whole new level.

With the FRIENDS’ reunion buzz going on, we think it will be a great idea to reminisce all those evergreen memories that Ross Geller gave us through the ultimate Ross Geller Quiz. If you are an ardent Ross Geller fan then it’s time to flaunt your knowledge and nail this quiz! Are you ready to start?

The Ultimate Ross Geller Quiz

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  • Ross slept with the librarian not the cleaning lady🙄

    • He slept with both, once in high school and once in college.

  • Incorrect, Ross slept with the Librarian in high school not college.


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