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Friends Trivia: The Ultimate Phoebe Buffay Quiz

Welcome friends to another one of our Friends’ quizzes. In this one, we will test your knowledge of Phoebe Buffay. But before we begin the ultimate Phoebe Buffay quiz, let us learn a bit about her and the show.

Phoebe is known for her artistic way of living and her unique wits. Though she is smart, she does act childish as when she believed that Santa existed until Joey told her the truth. Her past is full of rejections and pain, but that doesn’t reflect on her current personality, as she is a fun-loving and straightforward person and also because of the influence of her friends.

She lives in Manhattan, formerly with Monica, but moved out as she couldn’t stand Monica’s inclination towards cleanliness. She exclaimed that she needs to live in a world where people can spill! Phoebe is a person of her own rules, who doesn’t get bothered by others’ adulthood standards. She wants to have fun by herself by doing her own thing. 

Her interests include singing and playing guitar. She has also been licensed for TV commercials as she continues the Greenwich Village folk tradition with classics like “Smelly Cat”, for which she even had an official video shot. Some of her other songs include, “Shut Up and Go Home”, “Pervert Parade”, “Saltwater Taffy Man”, “The Double-Double-Double-Jointed Boy” etc.

Phoebe Buffay quiz

In short, she loves to live her life to the fullest. She also pushes her friends in doing unique things with her. We hope your memory has been refreshed. Down below is the ultimate Phoebe Buffay quiz, take it and check out your Friends’ knowledge. Do let us know your score in the comments below. Good luck!

The Ultimate Phoebe Buffay Quiz

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