The Hardest Harry Potter Spells Quiz

Accio Potterheads! Welcome to yet another magical quiz. Today we are going to focus on the magical spells of the wizarding world and you will have to answer the questions related to these spells. We all know how important these spells are for wizards, so let’s take look at some of the most important aspects of these spells and how wizards use them. And then don’t forget to take the Harry Potter Spells Quiz. 

Spells are basically magical incantations which possess the power to do a lot of things on the kind of spell and the intention of the wizard. Throughout the seven Harry Potter books and the eight movies, we have witnessed numerous spells being used by the characters of the series. Along with us, Harry Potter first came in contact with the spells in his first year of Hogwarts where he not only learnt these spells but actually mastered many of these along with his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. 

On the one hand, where these spells are the most useful things in the life of a wizard, these spells can be very dangerous if not performed in the prescribed way. Books and movies have shown many times how spells backfire on wizards and witches. The most famous example has to be Seamus Finnigan! But the backfiring of a spell also depends on the condition of the wand. Remember when Ron’s wand broke in his second year at Hogwarts, he got himself into pretty much all types of problems.

Another way in which a spell could possibly backfire is if the new spell is being made by a wizard. This had not been shown in the movies but it has been talked about in the books. One of the newly made and original spells is by Snape which Harry uses in the ‘Half-Blood Prince’. These spells have to be said out loud to work, but as the wizard masters these skills, they don’t have to do that, instead, they can just mentally do the trick.  

So that was everything about spells and how wizards use them. Now, it’s time for you to take up the ‘Harry Potter Spells Quiz’ and do let us know your favourite spell in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to post your scores and share this quiz with other Potterheads. All the best!

Harry Potter Spells Quiz

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