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Harry Potter Trivia: The Hardest Malfoy Family Quiz

The Harry Potter series has given us some of the most memorable fictional characters. Be it the books or the movies, you are bound to relate to one or the other. The reason that makes these characters so relatable is the fact that they are not simply black and white. They are complex just as people are in reality. So today, we are going to talk about the most complex characters or the most complex family of the Wizarding World—The Malfoys. And don’t forget to take up the Malfoy Family quiz at the end.

The Malfoy family is the oldest and the most powerful in the Wizarding world. And we are bound to hate them from the first moment we meet them. They are the so-called pure-blood wizards; they do not tolerate the half-bloods and do not even consider Muggle-born as wizards. And because all Malfoys belong to the Slytherin house, they are super ambitious about each and everything they do. Obviously, they do not have a good reputation within the wizarding world, partly because they hate almost everyone besides them and partly because all of them are death-eaters. 

Just like Harry, we were introduced to the Malfoys through Draco, and just like the chosen one we knew we would never like him. Young Draco had all the traits of a typical Malfoy. Draco tried to befriend Harry in his first year just like an ambitious Slytherin but failed. This foreshadowed how he would fail to do things for Voldemort as a death eater. Draco gets all these things from his parents and other relatives. But Draco as a Malfoy is a tiny bit more complex than his parents. Especially in the last parts of the series, he seems confused and torn by the circumstances, which force him to do things, which he really doesn’t want to. And at last, he does changes. 

Malfoy family quiz

Draco has got everything from his parents, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy becomes one of the main villains of the story as he is introduced very early in the series. It is through him we get to meet our favorite elf, Dobby! Lucius is merciless and throughout the series, he has been the face of evil more than anyone. He never stopped serving the Dark Lord but he never tried to find him as well after the first battle.

His wife Narcissa belongs to the Black family and along with her husband she also served as a death eater. Though her first priority is the safety of her son, this reflects in every important thing she does. And not only does Draco, but she also saves Harry in the ‘Forbidden Forest’ by lying to Voldemort. The Malfoys have the most complex character arcs that reflect in their actions every now and then. 

So that was it about The Malfoys. Now let’s jump to the Hardest Malfoy family quiz. Do not forget to tell us your scores in the comments section below.

The Hardest Malfoy Family Quiz

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