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The Ultimate ‘That ’90s Show’ Quiz

Hello everyone! We know you are a hard-core fan of ‘That 70’s show’, then you must have not missed the revival of the show on Netflix with ‘That 90’s show’. With ten episodes in season one, the show has made its place in the hearts of its audience and its second season is set to be released in February. Though it is a spin-off of ‘That 70s Show’, that show has its own fresh flavor. So let’s take a look at what are some of the most interesting things about the show and then take an awesome That ’90s Show quiz as well.

The first thing that makes ‘That 90’s Show’ different is its setting. As the show is set in the 90s, it comes with a little bit of nostalgia for the 90s people. But what makes the show so good is how relevant and fresh the humor of the show is. All the leading characters of the show—Leia, Jay, Ozzie, Gwen, Nate and Nikki are just like any other group of friends who remind us of our friends. Much like ‘That 70s Show’, the show is focussed on these characters and their love lives. But ‘That 90’s show’ puts even more emphasis on Leia as the center of the group and her personal growth. 

‘That 90’s show’ is meant to remind us of ‘That 70’s show’ and the reflection of that show are visible in the characters themselves. As we know, it is difficult to get into the skin of the character in the first season, but the one character who seems perfect for the role and has become a fan-favorite is Jay Keslo, the son of Michael and Jackie. We know, nobody can replace Aston Kutcher as Michael Keslo, but Jay comes quite close to it and seems near perfect for the role. And Jay and Leia’s relationship resembles Michael and Jackie’s.

Apart from its leading characters, the show’s highlights are its past character which appears in guest appearances. As fans of ‘That 70s show’ we would have loved to watch these characters much more but unfortunately, we see them for a few minutes. The only two characters revived for the whole season are Red and Kitty Foreman who are now an old couple ad grandparents to Leia.

This old and sweet couple balances the young love-lives story of the other characters. Especially their sweet and sour banters make you laugh out loud. The show’s first season has got a good response from the audience, and we hope that season two will be even better.  

So that was ‘That 90s show’, don’t forget to tell us who is your favorite character in the show so far. Now it is time for you to take up the ultimate That ’90s Show quiz on the show. Do not forget to share your scores in the comment section. All the best!

That ’90s Show quiz

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