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HIMYM Trivia: The Ultimate Eriksen Family Quiz

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is one of the most popular sitcoms ever. Premiered on our screens way back in 2005 and end up with 208 episodes. The show made us laugh, cry, smile, and also believe in love. One of the best love stories was of Marshall Eriksen, which was towards his family and his life partner Lily Aldrin. But, how well do you remember the Eriksen family exactly? In this article, we are going to test you on the ultimate Eriksen Family quiz.

Marshall Eriksen is a sweetheart and has a golden heart. He grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota, with his father, Marvin, his mother, Judy, and his older brothers, Marvin Jr., and Marcus. His brothers and father were exceptionally competitive and real athletes. Marshall was smaller in contrast to his brothers, who usually picked on him for his supposed lack of height. 

Marshall’s mother is attached and protective about her son. In contrast, Marshall’s father has nurtured Marshall and his two brothers with a firm yet tender hand. He frequently used taunting to guide his children. Once Marshall revives how his father kept him out late, ridiculing him and forcing him to train harder.

Marvin Sr. is very concerned about Marshall’s life. Marshall calls his father every day and shares everything with him. He even stated that his father is his best buddy. All in all, his family was astonishingly loving and loyal, nurturing him with proper manners and making him a very generous and sympathetic person.

Marshall’s relationship with Lily had its shares of up and down. But in the end, they were happily married with three children. Marshall was a great friend too, to Ted, Robin and Barney. But, we don’t be discussing that, as we are keeping things family-related in this one.

Enough with all the info. It’s time for you to take the ultimate Eriksen family quiz from HIMYM. There are 25 questions and you need to answer at least 20. Let us know your score in the comments box.

The Ultimate Eriksen Family Quiz

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