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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Quiz – For The Biggest Fans Only

Are you a true fan of ‘How I Met Your Mother’? If yes, then accept the challenge by taking this How I Met Your Mother quiz. Before starting the quiz, let us have a look at the brief description of the show and the facts related to it. We will also help you to rewind your memory with the highlights of funny episodes and the astounding characters as well. 

The show is about the main character Ted Mosby and his friends: Robin, Lily, Marshall, and Barney. It begins when Ted starts to tell his children, a story of how he met their mother. As the name suggests, it is a story of how a man(Ted) finally met his dream woman, The One, but it has more to tell.

It concentrates on all the relationships he had, their ups and downs, his enjoyments and discomforts, and how the suspense goes up with the growing number of episodes that succeeds to make the audience sit tight open-mouthed till finally, he gets his Lady.

In the beginning, we can see Ted living with his two friends Lilly and Marshall, who were living together as a couple. Being influenced by them, Ted feels he should find his soul mate. Ted’s other friend; Barney does not like his idea at all as he likes to wear a playboy image to make new relationships moving around like a free-flying bird. Then, Robin comes into Ted’s life and things get interesting.

We hope your memory has been refreshed. After following all the 9 seasons, how well did you get to know Ted, Lilly, Robin, Barney, and Marshall? Come test your knowledge with these trivia questions. Don’t forget to tell your score in the comments below.

How I Met Your Mother Quiz

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